Motivational Monday Quote #41

Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivational Quotes

Sometimes I caught myself looking at the clock and stressing. I always think that I won't have enough time to complete my tasks. It's so easy to get lost in time. Whenever I'm procrastinating time flew by so fast. When I need to do something that I don't feel like doing time is going so slow, it's unbelievable. I hate when at the end of the day I feel like I haven't done anything productive that day. 

The worst is that instead to start working and trying to replace lost time I'm just stressing and doing nothing good. I think there must be time for work and time for fun. Sitting and watching seconds pass by won't help you.  It's important to take advantage of every minute at productive way. Clock never stops...unless the batteries keeps going forward. And that's exactly what we all should do. 

Don't let yourself to wast time. Time is precious. If we think too much about a thing we'll never get it done. It's all about good organization and time managing. If we do it right we can have successful time for work and time for relaxing and fun. Let time be your companion and not someone for whom you have to constantly run to catch him.