How to Host Your First Dinner Party These Holidays

Monday, November 1, 2021

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Do you want to host your first dinner party? 
Dinner parties are a perfect way to have a fun time with your family and friends. Although hosting a dinner party can seem overwhelming, there are some ways you can do it without too much stress. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a casual dinner party or a formal dinner party, a baby shower, or an outdoor barbecue. Meticulous preparation will make it way easier. 



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Dinner parties are all about people you are hosting them for. Keep in mind what group of people they are and what kind of overall vibe you will get. It is not the same to host a dinner party just for your family members where everybody knows each other or for your different friend groups. 
You need to know if there are any conflicts between certain people and how you can avoid any unnecessary drama. Keep in mind the number of people for your first dinner party. Start small, and then when you get the hang of it, host bigger dinner parties. 


Now that you have your guest list set, you need to think through how you can make sure that everyone is having a good time. This depends on what kind of dinner party you are hosting. If it is a formal one, playing games might not be the best choice. 
Fun board games, card games, or group activities are great for casual dinner parties. Make sure that you have enough options, as not everyone will be in the mood for certain games. 


Food is one of the most important components of any dinner party. What you present to your guest can make or break the overall dinner party. It is essential to know if someone is allergic to something or is on a specific diet. Make a list of all the dishes you want to make. Write down all the ingredients you will need. 
There is nothing worse than starting to prepare a meal to notice that you are missing a crucial ingredient. Decide if you are going to host a sited dinner party or a buffet-style one. How you present your food is very important. You don't need to do anything fancy. Displaying your food on trays and different ceramic dishes will make it pop. Prepare enough food and drinks. The last thing you want is to run out of food. 

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The ambiance makes a huge difference when it comes to dinner parties. You want to make it extra special and decorate it according to the theme of the dinner party. For a formal and sophisticated ambiance use candles, fresh flowers, and table decor. If you are hosting a dinner party for your friends you can choose a color theme and add fairy lights and garlands. 
Depending on the season, you might want to host your dinner party in your garden or on the terrace. Keep in mind how many people you are having over. Dedicate a few areas of your home for your dinner party so that there is enough space for everyone to sit and chat. You can start in the living room and then transition into the dining room when the meal is served. Don't limit everyone to one space. 


Music has a tremendous role in making your first dinner party marvelous. Put together a playlist for the evening. That way you won't need to worry about constantly searching for songs to play. Have a few different playlists ready in case some of your guests have music recommendations. 
Think about how long the party will be and create a playlist that will have enough songs. If you are hosting a formal dinner party, choose classical and calm songs, while for the casual gathering, you can make more fun and upbeat playlist. In case you have a spacious home, leave an area for a chance to dance. Your playlist will decide the flow of your dinner party. 


Now that meals are ready and your home is decorated, it is time for you to dress up. To be sure that everything is going as planned, make a timeline. The timeline will help you know when specifically your guests are coming when you are serving drinks, appetizers, main courses, dessert, and coffee. Don't forget that dinner parties are all about having pleasant chats with your guests. 
You don't want to feel pressured for everything to turn out perfect, but you also don't want to forget about something important. Follow the timeline of your dinner party and ask your family member or a friend to help you a little bit. 

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1.     Starting to prepare dishes late. 

Set aside enough time to cook everything before the dinner party starts. Think through how long each dish will take and leave extra time for any possible mistakes. 

2.      Making a random playlist. 

Don't just put any song that comes to your mind on the playlist. A good dinner party playlist needs to complement the atmosphere. Choose songs that go well one after another.  

3.      Not having enough sitting space. 

Provide enough sitting area for all of your guests. Bring in extra chairs if needed or extend your dinner party to your dining room, living room, and backyard if needed.

4.      Running out of food and drinks. 

Check online how much food and drink you will need for the number of people you are having over. Some people eat less and some eat more. It is on you as the host to prepare a little bit more just in case. You can always give the rest of the food to your guests at the end of the party. 

5.      Refusing help. 

I know that you want to make your first dinner party on your own. You can do that but a little help won't make it less yours. If your friends or family members would like to help you in any way, let them.  

6.      Getting ready while guests are coming. 

Don't forget that you need to get ready as well. Make sure that you are dressed to wait for your guests at least 30 minutes before the dinner party starts. You never know if someone will show up early. 
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Dinner parties are always an exciting way to gather your loved ones. Hosting a dinner party for the first time might feel overwhelming but it doesn't need to be. Follow these 6 tips for a smooth dinner party. 

Have you ever hosted a dinner party? 
Are you going to host one of these holidays? 

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