The Best Perfumes As A Christmas Gift

Monday, November 15, 2021

Perfume is one of the gifts that is most given away for Christmas, but we often give it on other occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays. But there is often a dilemma whether a person will like a given perfume, especially if you do not know what kind of perfume she likes.

Because perfume is something that lasts longer than Christmas, longer than an event or occasion for which the perfume was given away. A perfume can remind us of the person who gave it to us, that is, of a certain period that we can identify with that person.

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This rudimentary part of our olfactory system has not changed much since we were apes, although it is much more "crippled" in humans than in other animals. Perfumes are one of the strongest transmissions of time, space, and emotions because the nose is the only organ that works 24 hours a day, sniffing even when we sleep. Perfumes or scents can remind us of certain events, moments, people.

Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy'

"When it comes to gift-giving around the holidays, the best way to move from being a random Christmas gift-giver (no more socks and scarves) to giving a thoughtful gift is buying something like good perfume. One perfume I fell in love with and still love using to this day is Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy'. Not only does this perfume bottle look pretty enough to display with its daisy-shaped and inspired bottle cap, its gold and white colors make the look seem playful but also chic.

This scent is perfect for someone who likes a fresh-smelling and not too overpowering fragrance. It means that this perfume is not just suitable for a younger person. I like that the fruity and floral notes in the perfume have a lingering effect. Whenever I wear this fragrance, I feel like I'm dancing in a garden of sweet, yet wild and exotic flowers. The scent's long-lasting notes will always get compliments. So the person who receives this perfume will happily remember you every time they receive a remark about the gift you gave."

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Marc Jacobs Daisy was released in 2007 but is still a classic to this day. From high school students to adults, everyone loves this fruity, youthful scent! Daisy gives off a fresh aroma with notes of wild strawberry and isn't overpowering. This perfume became a staple and the blueprint of many other succeeding perfume brands. It also has a cute, irresistible daisy perfume cap to top it off. If you're unsure of what to get for someone this holiday season, get Marc Jacobs Daisy! You won't regret it and even people who are usually reluctant to use perfume will be pleasantly surprised. 

Recommended by  Chloe Choe from Off Hour Hustle

Ariana Grande Thank You, Next Perfume

First and foremost, I must say I love perfumes. Anyone that knows me knows I love to have perfume on. Last year a family member gifted me the Ariana Grande Thank You, Next Perfume. I am an Ariana Grande fan, and I have always wanted to try out her perfumes. Due to how expensive Ariana Grande perfumes are, I was unable to purchase them. 

Throughout the year I have put on the Thank You, Next perfume, and I love it. It has such a sweet smell and it does last a long time when you spray the perfume on. A little goes a long way. All you need is maybe one to two sprays. Ariana Grande Thank You, Next Perfume can be purchased on Even if you are not an Ariana Grande fan you will love this perfume and it makes for a great Christmas gift.

Recommended by Deborah Young from Headphones Thoughts 

Maison Louis Marie No 4

A couple of years ago, I read a post about the troubling chemicals and processes used to make most traditional perfumes. I then went on a search to find ethically made and sourced perfume brands and came upon Maison Louis Marie. I tried out a couple of their scents and fell in love with this 04 scent

I am not a floral scent gal, but this offers complex sandalwood and cedarwood scents with some spicy cinnamon mixed in. All of their scents and products are vegan and cruelty-free which I love! Plus the packaging is made from recyclable materials and is recyclable again so I am making a minimal impact on the environment with my purchase. This has become my go-to scent all year long and I am so excited to be able to share it!

Recommended by Katie from KayBee Lives 

Ariana Grande's God is Woman Perfume

It's Christmas time and you can present a woman in your life with a gift that lasts longer than just the holiday season. Just one spritz of this will have you falling in love. Every woman has a scent that perfectly complements her vibe and her energy. If you have not yet found that scent, you definitely should look into doing so. I’m the type of person who likes a sweet and soft aroma, just like me. This is why I like Ariana Grande's God is Woman perfume. Not only is the song the same as the title of her perfume, but it matches her as a person as well. I have started gravitating towards more vegan products and strayed away from too many cruelty-free ingredients. Which is exactly what this perfume is. 

You can find it at your local Ulta and I guarantee you’ll like it. The bottle comes in a simple, but it represents Ariana amazingly. Vanilla is my number one favorite scent of all time, so I was thrilled to find this perfume. In addition to cedarwood, rose petals, pear, and many other components, you will find in it a lot more. The container that it is packaged in is also made of plant-based materials. Then I don't know what will. If that doesn't get you excited, then I have no idea what will. It’s natural and it will not overpower anything. Season Greetings!

Recommended by Joi from Joi's Journey Of Perception  

YSL Mon Paris Perfume 

As a fashion and travel blogger, I have a sweet spot for perfumes that remind me of my favorite cities. I recently added the YSL Mon Paris perfume to my collection, and it has become a favorite that I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to. Mon Paris is a lilac-colored perfume set in a crystal bottle and wrapped in a black bow. You could say that YSL Mon Paris already looks like the perfect Christmas gift. 

With sweet floral notes and woody undertones, the perfume feels feminine, whimsical, and romantic. Mon Paris is available in 125mL, 90mL, and 47mL bottles. It’s also available in a 30mL roller, perfect to tuck into a stocking stuffer to gift the girl who’s always on the go. Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s in love with the City of Lights, or you’re treating yourself, YSL Mon Paris is the perfect little luxury to gift this holiday season.

Recommended by Natalie from Nomade & Mode

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