Ready For Autumn? Autumnal Decor Pieces You Need

Monday, August 9, 2021

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Autumn is just around the corner. Yes, it's only the second week of August, but I said it. Time is passing by so quickly and we won't even blink and will have hot chocolate in our hands, listening to the sound of the rain, snuggled in our bed watching our favorite movies. Decorating my home for the season is my favorite thing to do.

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I may be a little bit ahead of myself, but I believe that it's never too early to start the autumn decor hunting. I made a list of 7 autumnal decor pieces you need to get before they are sold out.



Nothing screams autumn more than lighting that pumpkin spice, cider, or apple pie scented candle. Candles are such a great multi-purpose autumn decor. They are both beautiful for the eyes but also for the nose. Stepping foot into the room and immediately feel those beautiful autumnal scents are just dreamy. 

You can never go wrong with Yankee Candle Farm Fresh Peach (cc $17). It is perfect for those who don't like strong autumnal scents. Diptyque Baies/Berries Scented Candle (cc $40) is probably the candle you saw all around Instagram. The refined harmony of rare woods will fill your home all Autumn.


Most people forget to decorate their walls. It is understandable if you are renting and you can't hang photos or prints on your wall. Putting cute autumnal prints into the frame and placing them on a desk, dresser, bedside table, bookshelf or any other similar area of your home is something you can do. 

I took some time to make an Autumn Gallery Wall Set of 6 Prints ($3). They are perfect to print and put in the frame or just stick them on the wall.


As a pillow hoarder, autumn pillows are my weak spot. I just think that they make the living room and bedroom so much cozier and inviting. If you are like me and have enough pillows I recommend getting these 4 Set Decorative Pillow Covers (cc $20). 

They are perfect to just throw on your pillows when the Autumn comes and take them off when Winter start. Having soft blankets around the home is another must. This Ultra Soft & Plush Cozy Oversized Autumn & Halloween Throw Blanket (cc $18) is just too cute.


Autumn garland is such a great autumn decor piece. It is simple yet makes such a difference. There are a lot of autumn garlands you can get from Etsy, Walmart, or Amazon. This Windfall Fall Maple Garland (cc $12) is perfect for the stair handrail. 

The great thing about these kinds of home decor pieces is that you can use them for multiple seasons. Making autumn garland is also a fun thing to do. There are a lot of DIY garden ideas you can find on Pinterest. I tried to make my garland a few years ago and it turned out pretty nice.


Is it Autumn if you don't have pumpkin decor around your home? Pumpkins have been Autumn's staple decor piece forever. These 12 Pcs Halloween White Artificial Pumpkins (cc $12) are just too cute not to get. As they are white they will perfectly blend with any home decor. 

They are especially great if you are not really into fully decorating your home but still want a little bit of autumn touch. For those who love a little bit of color, I recommend getting these 12Pcs Small Artificial Pumpkin (cc $10) in orange.


Nothing makes a room cozier than lighting the fairy lights when the sunsets. I'm sure that you have winter fairy lights, but do you have autumnal ones? If the answer is no then it's time you get some. I'm in love with these Halloween Orange Maple Leaves Lights (cc $28). 

They are just perfect if you have a little terrace. They will make it look so dreamy. These little Pumpkin Fairy Lights (cc $20) are the cutest thing you'll ever see. I can just imagine how nice they would look on a dresser or tv stand.


Am I the only one who likes to have bedding that is appropriate for the season? I just like how it makes me feel to snuggle into the bed that has Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter patterns. The Autumn Leaves King Size Duvet Cover Set (cc $90) is the best option in my opinion. 

I like that this pattern isn't too eccentric. It would go nice with any kind of bedroom decor. For those days when you want to add more color to your bedroom, I suggest getting this Floral Mandala Sunflowers Duvet Cover Set (cc $60).

When do you start decorating for Autumn? 
Are you ready for Summer to be over? 

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