How To Motivate Yourself To Do At Home Workout

Thursday, August 12, 2021

When was the last time you did an at-home workout? 

You are either someone who loves to work out and eat healthily or someone who struggles to find the motivation to move your body. Most of us developed a negative perception of exercising at PE class and until then have distanced ourselves from any kind of group training or gym. If you find yourself in any of these descriptions then you probably need some help to motivate yourself to work out. Whit the global pandemic making everyone stay in their homes for longer than they probably won't, now is the best time to take care of our health and start at-home workouts.

Now more than ever we have a variety of options. There is something for everyone. Even those who dislike exercising can find fun alternatives that will make them move and sweat while it won't feel like they are working out. 



A workout should never feel like torture. Of course, you could feel exhausted and in pain but it should make you feel better afterward. Doing workouts that you aren't looking forward to is what could make you stop exercising completely. There are so many fun ways to move your body and stay healthy. When you are enjoying your workout routine you will feel excited to get moving. There are a lot of different reasons you can make an at-home workout fun. 

One of them is switching things up. Every day you can choose a different type of workout to do. One day put your focus on arms, muffin top, core, back, etc. A lot of people stick to regular workouts that are repetitive and kind of boring. Why not try dance cardio or learning a dance routine. This is one of my favorite ways to work out without feeling like working out. There are a lot of simple dance workout videos you can easily find on YouTube. 


Sometimes what motivates us can differ daily. It is best to find an inner motivation that will keep you on track at-home workouts. Although we all know how toxic it can become to find body inspiration in magazines or on Instagram, that doesn't always need to be the case. You can feel motivated by a workout YouTuber or a Yoga instructor. As long as it is not based on comparison it can help you stay on track and show up every day. When you look at "body goals" on Pinterest or other social media be sure to remember that you are unique and so is your body. 

Striving to have a body like someone else is wrong and it will not lead you to feel better. It will only make you give up once you notice that you are not getting the results you want. Strive to be healthy, toned, and the most important the best version of yourself. That looks different for most people. Get inspired but don't be obsessed with how others look. 


It is much easier to show up on your mat when there is someone you can do it with. Motivating each other to keep on going even when you want to give up. It can be your sibling, parents, or friends. Don't let social distancing stop you. Use video meeting apps like Zoom and Skype to work out together. During these hard times, this can help you take your mind of negative things and also keep you as healthy as you can be. 

There are also a lot of workout challenges you can do together. This is something I've done with my sister and it was so much fun. The at-home workout is much more fun when you have someone that is going through the same thing as you. Motivating each other and working for the same or at least similar goals will make you feel even better once you reach your goal. 


One thing that probably kept you away from exercising is the thought that you need to work out for 30 minutes or more. Well, let me tell you immediately that it is false. When you are doing an at-home workout you can decide how long you want to exercise. Never underestimate a 5-minute workout as those can sometimes be as hard as the longer ones. I recommend you set a daily goal of a minimum time you are going to work out. That can be 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes. It all depends on how much you like to exercise and how big is your motivation. 

Have in mind that this is your minimal workout time. Most of the time even if your minimum time is 5 minutes, once you finish you will feel motivated to do some more workouts. On the contrary on some days you won't feel motivated to even do those 5 minutes but as these goals aren't something unachievable you will probably motivate yourself to still do it. Working out for 5 or 10 minutes a day can leave you with some amazing results in the future. 

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