Who Is "That Girl" & How Can You Become One

Monday, August 16, 2021

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"Becoming That Girl" is a trend going around all over social media for quite some time. You might come across it on TikTok as that is one social media that this trend became viral on. There are different opinions on this trend. Some are saying that it is toxic and that it gives an unrealistic picture of who you need to be. However, others find it to be motivational and inspiring. So what exactly does "being That Girl" requires? 

These are the most repeatable characteristics of "That Girl" that I found on TikTok and other social media. Of course, as to any trend, there are a lot of different variations. I decided to only mention the most generic ones. 

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SHE eats healthy 

"That Girl" makes sure to nourish her body with healthy and fresh food. She doesn't skip breakfast and always tries to drink at least eight glasses of water. Looking for healthy and delicious food is what she does. Smoothies, chia bowls, and matcha latte are only a few of the things she enjoys. "That Girl" knows how important it is to take vitamins and eat a lot of greens. She doesn't do it for the others she does it for herself. 

SHE takes care of her skin

Skincare is important for her. "That Girl" knows the value of taking me time and pampering herself. In her cupboard, you will find only vegan, cruelty-free and organic skincare products. "That Girl" is aware of the benefits that using those kinds of products will have in a long run. She may not follow a 10 step Korean skincare routine, but she will still make a skincare routine that fits her lifestyle. The one thing she never skips is taking off her makeup before going to bed. 

SHE plans her day 

She takes time to plan her day every night just before going to bed or the first thing in the morning. "That Girl" likes to have her professional and private life balanced. Using planners and to-do lists is how she stay on top of her game. She understands the importance of separating work and personal life. Doing 9/5 or being her boss, she knows when to be professional and when to have fun. 

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SHE says affirmations

She is striving to find positivity every day. Saying positive affirmations every day helps her to start her day on the right foot. Manifestation is not unfamiliar to her. "That Girl" realizes the power behind our thoughts and energy. You attract what you radiate and she always tries her best to radiate only good vibes. She is well aware that negative thoughts never benefited her and they never will. 

SHE is organized 

Messy space equals messy mind and "That Girl" doesn't want that. The first thing she does when she wakes up is making her bed. It is the first task that she completes and it gives her motivation to keep up. She knows exactly where her belongings are. "That Girl" knows that keeping things in place makes her life stress-free. She might not be minimalist but she is surely trying to be intentional with the things she buys and owns. 

SHE is always learning 

Reading is one of her favorite hobbies. "That Girl" knows that knowledge is power and she doesn't slack when it comes to that. She reads self-help, personal development, self-growth books but also fantasy, classic and contemporary. She knows that there isn't a book you can't learn something from. Life is a school, and she wants to be the best student. "That Girl" isn't afraid to try new things and find new hobbies. 

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SHE is working out 

Going on a run, taking pilates classes, practicing yoga, going to the gym, or doing at-home workouts. She is surely doing at least one of the activities mentioned. As much as she knows the importance of eating healthy and staying hydrated she also knows the value of moving her body. Making 10000 steps a day is her goal. "That Girl" doesn't work out to look like models in the magazine or on Instagram. She is working out because she wants to feel and look healthy and great in her body. 

SHE has a regular sleeping schedule 

"That Girl" is aware of the power that having a good night's sleep has. She has a consistent sleeping schedule. That means that she is going to bed and waking up at approximately the same time. "That Girl" doesn't only do it for the beauty sleep but she mainly does it for her daily routine. Having a consistent sleeping pattern means being able to feel awake and full of energy. 


To sum this post up, you become that girl by trying to be the best version of yourself. As you can tell, all of the "requirements" of becoming that girl are the things that we should do because they can positively impact our lives. Eating healthy, working out regularly, having a skincare routine, taking care of our mental health, and so on are all things we should all try our best to do.

Nevertheless, I understand that, like any other, this trend can cross that line from being healthy to becoming toxic. In its roots, I believe that the "Becoming That Girl" trend is positive and can encourage a lot of girls to strive to be the best version of themselves. The problem starts when we perceive "That Girl" as some other, real person and we try to mimic her lifestyle. 

The key is to try and become the best version of YOURSELF, and not someone else. Setting realistic goals and not getting lost in the imagination. In the end, it all comes up to how we want to see things. We can choose from taking the best out of them or worst. 

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