Incredible Bloggers To Check In August

Friday, August 6, 2021

Where is the time going? How is it already August? Although Summer is not yet over I saw so many people getting excited about Autumn. Are you done with Summer or are you still holding onto it? I must say that I would like it to be sunny and warm for a few weeks.

Hopefully, you had time to go on vacation and relax for a little bit. If you are on your summer vacation or just need something to do while you are off work, I got you covered. Today I'm sharing with you incredible bloggers you need to check out and follow.

AD | Be sure to head over to their blogs and give them love. I'm sure that you will enjoy their content as much as I do.



If you are only now hearing about Kayleigh Zara then you are seriously missing out. She is one of my favorite bloggers. I've been following her for such a long time so it's an honor to have her on my blog. On Kayleigh Zara, you will find a variety of topics. She covers lifestyle, fashion, personal development, blogging, and travel. What I love the most about her blog is the professionalism you can see as soon as you open her blog. Every single post is high-quality and helpful in its own way. If you are following Kayleigh on Twitter then you know how approachable and willing to help she is. She has a few ebooks she is selling and I really recommend getting The Affiliate Marketing Guide.  

Her blog is such an inspiration. She transparently shares her monthly income which is a great motivation for anyone who wants to monetize their blog but doesn't feel like it is possible. I couldn't recommend checking Kayleigh Zara more. You will leave with such valuable information for every aspect of your life. Here are the posts I recommend you check.


Sparkling Magpie is a lovely blog by Susan. It is a place that will make you feel at home. Sparkling Magpie just radiates warmth and simplicity. If you are looking for beauty, skincare jewelry, or book review, you will find all of them on Sparkling Magpie. Her reviews are honest and helpful. 

As her blog may indicate, she loves jewelry and everything sparkly. She finds joy in trying out and reviewing new makeup products, finding stylish walking sticks, reading and writing book reviews and you can see that in every post. 

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