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Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy new year! We made it through 2020 and that is something to celebrate. It is a fresh start to a new year and a new month. January is always a time when a lot of people set some goals and resolutions. I decided to pass on that this year and slowly set goals as the year goes. Something that I want to do more is to find new blogs that inspire me and help me on my journey. Today I am sharing with you two blogs that are doing just that. 


I'm glad that I have a chance to share with you this amazing blog this month as well. If you missed it last month make sure that you don't miss it this one. 

Share to Inspire a blog is a place for inspiration and empowerment. Ali created this incredible platform to share her story and inspire fellow women in the aspects of personal growth, relationships, finance, and much more. An interesting fact is that she's been living in Japan for a while and is fascinated by their culture. If you are looking for personal growth and relationship advice or need some help with finances and productivity then Share to Inspire is one online space you need to visit. 

If you are interested in Japanese culture Ali shares her experience and valuable information. On her blog, you can read about how to build a healthy relationship, ways to increase your productivity at work and home, how to achieve financial freedom, and more. There is something for everyone. 

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Epifania is the person behind the Female Blogpreneur. She created this online space to inspire others, give advice, and aspiring to female bloggers and entrepreneurs. Epifania also offers web design and blog renovation services for bloggers and entrepreneurs. If you are an aspiring blogger and want to learn more about how to monetize it then you need to head over to Female Blogpreneur. It is a space where you will find valuable information, tips, and tricks regarding managing your website. Epifania is there to help you strive. 

On Female Blogpreneur you can learn about where to buy your blog theme, how to become a better writer, where to find free stock photos, must-have apps and so much more. Epifania created such a helpful space for everyone who wants to work hard on their passion. I'm sure that you're going to leave her website full of knowledge and inspired to make the right decisions for your blog. 

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Be sure to give a lot of love to both of these amazing blogs. 
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