5 Easy Ways To Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Are you tired of trying other people's morning routine and then failing? 

The way you start your day gives a tone of how it will going to end. I'm sure you've heard and read about how important it is to have a morning routine and how yours should look. Often we think of that advice and try to religiously apply them to our own life. After a few days, we realize that we are back with our old habit of not having a morning routine. There are a lot of reasons that happens. 

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The biggest reason for that is that we try to squeeze in our life habits and routines that are not fitting in. We all have different jobs, working hours, some have their own family and children so they need to think about them while they are setting their own morning routine, others have a busy lifestyle or travel a lot. 

So when you take one plan for morning routine and try to fit it in so many different lifestyles it is no wonder that it just doesn't work out. Another thing that a lot of us misunderstand when it comes to having a morning routine is that sometimes our mornings will be different. Maybe you'll wake up later or you'll have a trip scheduled or something else. Most of us just completely neglect what we think is our well established morning routine when something that we didn't think will happen happens. 



Start with just observing what you usually do in the mornings. Reflect on how long does it take for you to wake up and if you could start waking up a little bit earlier. If you have a 9-5 job then it is hard to set a healthy morning routine if you wake up at 8am and rush to get ready. In that case, I recommend waking up at least an hour before you need to leave your home. 

There are a lot of things you can do in that hour. After you noticed patterns in your mornings then start adding simple things that you are easily going to be able to adapt to and will make you feel better. For example, if you like to drink a cup of coffee grab a book and read for a few minutes while you are drinking it. 


There will be some days that you will completely forget that a part of your morning routine is to make your bed before you leave. It happens, maybe you overslept or had something urgent. That is okay. It doesn't mean that your morning routine is now ruined and that you can't go back. 

As I already said, maybe most of your days are the same but it doesn't mean that there won't be days or weeks where it will be completely different. The important thing is that you manage to stick to at least some parts of your morning routine. It is okay to put some things in and take others out. It is actually necessary to do so if you want to maintain a healthy morning routine. 


When we think we need to do something that is when we are most likely not going to do it. If you think that you need to morning routine because everybody else seems to have it then it is already set to not succeed. You need to find the right motive. One of the best ones is that you want a morning routine so you can become healthier or more productive or take advantage of every day for a better lifestyle. 

There will, of course, be some other small motives but as long as the main ones come from within then it is most likely that your morning routine will serve its purpose. Try to replace for example "I need to wake up early" with "I want to wake up early". This simple mindset shift will make it so much easier. 


Once those small little rituals that you start your das with becoming natural you will start doing them automatically. It will become so normal that you won't even need to think about them. That will happen only after you've done them for quite some time. Some say that for something to become a habit you need to do it for at least 21 days while some say you need to do them even longer. 

The key is to be as consistent as you can. But don't give up if you missed it one day. Get back on track. If you've done something for a long time but you still can't make it a habit then you maybe shouldn't. Why force yourself to do something if it is not of major importance. Be sure to always reflect on how you feel. Our thoughts and emotions play a big role in setting the right morning routine. 

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A morning routine should be filled with things that are benefiting both your physical and your mental health. Depending on how much time you have you should think about the most important things you want to do before you head to work, your class, or just start your day at home taking care of your family. This is one of the ways you can take care of yourself. It is possible that you maybe won't be able to take some me-time later in the day so starting with a healthy routine will boost both your energy level and your mode. It is a great time to prioritize your own health and happiness. 

This is something that will make your morning routine enjoyable and relaxing. Focus on how you can take advantage of it in the best possible way. To start make a list of things you want to improve in your life and how can you do that at the beginning of your day. For example, if you want to improve your health you can start your day by drinking a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach or go for a run. There are so many possibilities.  

Do you have a morning routine? 

How often does it change? 

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