Why You Need A Post-Holiday Social Media Detox & How To Start

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A lot of people dread social media detox as they don't think they have enough will power to go a day, week, or a month without social media. Social media detox doesn't necessarily mean that you can't look at your phone for a long period. Although the focus is usually on that. 

The reason why you should try social media detox is to learn how to control it and don't let it control you. It is about being mindful and knowing when you are spending too much time on social media. Post-holiday social media detox is here to help you ease on constantly scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook after we got so used to it during the Christmas season. 
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Constantly scrolling through social media can make you feel exhausted and tired. Most people don't even connect those feelings to staring at their screens 24/7. I'm sure that you spend your holidays sharing photos on Instagram and celebrating Christmas with the loved ones you couldn't see in person. Now that all the buzz is over it is time to put down your phone and just relax. 

You don't have to do anything special but be sure that you don't fall into a black hole of automatically scrolling through different social media. Taking a social media detox will help you clear your mind of all of the unnecessary information that we are intaking while being online. Leave your phone away, light a scented candle (GET IT HERE), and relax.  


One of the biggest reasons so many people love social media is because they can see what others are doing. We are very curious human beings and social media just entertain our curiosity like nothing else. The holiday season is when everyone looks at how others decorated their home, what presents they got and where are they spending their holidays. 

Now that it's the post-holiday time it is the right time to shift focus from others to yourself. Take this time off social media to start some new hobbies, tackle your reading list, practice yoga, etc. Live more scroll less is what you should be doing. Grab a journal and start writing your thoughts down or start bullet journaling. Get your bullet journal HERE


During the Christmas season scrolling through Instagram and other social media made us feel joyful and happy. Now that it's all over it can feel kind of empty. While scrolling through Instagram you can still see all the holiday photos. As soon as January rolls in you'll be able to see a lot of people talking about "January blues". 

Even if you don't feel sad and dishearted your subconscious will make you think that you need to feel the "January blues" as you constantly hear about it. It may even seem like it's some kind of rent. Social media detox is what can help you get in touch with how you feel and if you really do feel sad because of its post-holiday season or because of some other reason or if it is just because of the social media. 


Overusing social media can lead to mental and physical health issues. Most of us sit in a position that is not good for our back and we spend too little time moving. This is just one of the physical health issue social media can cause. When it comes to mental health I'm sure you already know all the problems it can cause. From anxiety, eating disorder, body hate, lack of self-esteem, and so on. Knowing when to seek help is the act of self-love. 

Noticing bad patterns in your physical and mental health caused by social media is the first step. Social media detox is one of the ways you can get back on track. Social media is not bad if we don't make it. Mindfully using it and realizing when it's starting to not do its job is what will maintain a healthy relationship with it. Now is the right time to start working out again. Cassey Ho from Blogilates has amazing workouts. Check it out HERE


Imagine what kind of life you would live now if all the time you spent on your social media you actually spent working on your passion. It can be hard to objectively see our own lives and the actions we take. That is not entirely our fault. Social media is built to keep your attention for a long time and with that, it programs it to concentrate on short and interesting content. 

You might realize how when you start working on uni tasks or some work assignments you have a hard time maintaining your focus. Overusing social media is one of the reasons for that. We need to train our brains to concentrate longer and better. Social media detox is here to help you stay alert and don't get distracted by unimportant things. While admiring or feeling jealous of other people's lives you are only keeping yourself away from your dreams. 


It is all about talking about small steps. Immediately trying a 30-day social media detox that requires only using social media for 1 hour a day or not even that much is not for everyone. It all comes back to knowing yourself and your abilities. Don't start too ambitious as you might burn out faster than you want to. Let your goal be to be more mindful when using social media and noticing when it is better to just leave your phone away. Practice mindfulness as it will help you build a strong will. 

Start right now. Choose one of the things mentioned below and try sticking to it for a week. Then you can add up more of the healthy social media detox steps to it. Building a strong foundation is the most important. Making it a habit will help you to turn the social media detox challenge into a lifestyle. 
  1. Turn off social media notifications. 
  2. Minimize social media to only a few minutes/hours a day. 
  3. Leave your phone in your room. 
  4. Less scrolling more reading. 
  5. Check social media one hour after you wake up. 
  6. Do something creative. 
  7. Start working out. 
  8. Log off social media you use the most. 
  9. Unfollow/unsubscribe people you no longer resonate with. 
  10. Focus on your career and take action. 
  11. Set "no phone after 9pm" rule.  
  12. Put your phone on airplane mode during the weekend. 
  13. Turn off the phone for 1 hour. 
  14. Charge your phone away from the bed. 
  15. Eat, walk, and socialize without your phone. 

When was the last time you've been on social media detox? 
Do you find it necessary for the post-holiday season? 

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