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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Who else in desperate need of some self-care? 

This year has been throwing some serious curveballs at us, and they hurt. I never thought that prioritizing self-care is going to be as important as it is. Sometimes we all need a little bit of help to get us on the right track with our mental and physical health. If you've been neglecting yourself and need some help with getting back into taking care of your mind and body, then you are in the right place. Today I'm sharing a blog that will help you on your journey to self-love and personal growth. 


Giulia is the person behind the Tidbits of Care. Tidbits of Care is a  lifestyle blog that will inspire you to start your own self-care and personal development journey. One thing you will definitely notice while you are scrolling through the blog is the thoughtfulness and passion. Giulia shares her best tips and helpful information that will make your life so much better. There is something you can learn and benefit from each of her posts. 

Guidance and comfort is something we all need, and Tidbits of Care is one place that provides both. Self-care and wellbeing were never as important as it is nowadays. The world we live in is challenging for both our mental and physical health. Tidbits of Care is an online space that brings a little bit of light and clarity to a very confusing time. 

Giulia covers topics as creating a healthy home, the importance of putting yourself first, things to see in Montreal, books to read, and so on. There is something for everyone. Be sure to check out this amazing blog and give it a lot of love. 

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