10 Simple Habits To Help You Spend Less Time Procrastinating

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Keeping up with everything going on in our lives can be quite challenging. Especially so when procrastination starts to take over our life. We all want to feel satisfied and content with ourselves. The good thing is that there are some ways to beat procrastination and take control of your daily life. Try implementing some of these habits into your routine and see a drastic change. 



Procrastination mostly comes when you don't have a personal and work routine that works for you. We tend to follow other people's patterns and wonder why it is not working. Each of our lifestyles is different, and what works for some won't for others. What you should do is find a simple yet efficient routine that will help you stay on track with all of your obligations. It doesn't need to be anything special but having a structure you can rely on is very important. Try adding simple habits into your morning routine as writing a to-do list or working at the same time. 


Pomodoro technique is my personal savior when it comes to beating procrastination. We all have days when we just don't feel like doing anything, especially when it comes to working or studying. Pomodoro technique is basically a technique that will help you break your tasks down and help you concentrate on one task at a time. You can choose to work on one study for 4 sets of 25 minutes. This technique will help you focus better and work faster and not harder. If you've been multitasking, it may be the right time to stop. It is better to work on one task at a time and put all of your energy into it than doing a lot of different ones at once. 


Setting a deadline will unconsciously make you feel like you need to get things done otherwise, there are consequences. Even if your task doesn't have a specific deadline, you should set one yourself to finish it faster. Print a calendar and place it in a visible place. With a red pen, write down all of your deadlines. Seeing it in front of you whenever you will make you aware that this task is a priority. 


Messy space leads to a cluttered mind, and nobody wants that. How well your space is organized has a big impact on your work ethic. When you start to get into a slump, take a few minutes, and clean your working space. Put things in their place and get rid of any unnecessary items that are only cluttering your space. This should help you get things straight and ready to keep on hustling. 


Distraction is often a companion of procrastination. Social media has the power to take our attention from important things. You know what you got to do. Simply get rid of anything that could distract you. Yes, that means getting rid of your smartphone or at least putting it on an airplane mode. Turning off notifications will let you work in peace. 


Some people think that motivation simply comes to us and all we need to do is wait for it. Well, the waiting game can last for a long time, and when you have deadlines ahead of you, that's not a fun game to play. Get out of your way and seek motivation. Once you find a way to get motivated, you will be able to do it whenever you feel like procrastinating. It can be as easy as listening to a mood-boosting playlist or watching a TED talk. 


Starting is always the most challenging part of anything. There isn't really much science with this one. All you need to do is make that first step. If you need to write a paper, then write a title, and if you can't think of anything else to note, that's okay. At least you started, and the next time you come back, it will be more comfortable as it's not a blank page. 


Having an end goal to work toward to will keep you on the right track. Whenever you start to procrastinate, think about why you need to do that thing. Most of the time, that alone will be enough to make you stop scrolling through social media and get things done. Be sure to always set realistic goals. 


Our thoughts have a significant impact on our productivity. Having negative and doubtful thoughts will only push us back and make us unmotivated to work for our dreams. Positive thinking isn't something that comes naturally for everyone. Some of us need to make an effort and practice positive thinking. If you are one of those people, different resources can help you start thinking positively. 


What you can do now, don't leave for later. This is a phrase you should keep telling yourself over and over again. There is nothing worse than delaying essential tasks as sooner or later, you will need to finish them. Better sooner than later, as you will probably have 10 more things you'll need to get done. Pushing through it now leaves you with a stress-free future. 

How do you beat procrastination? 
What keeps you productive? 

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