Top 5 TikTok Beauty & Makeup Hacks You Need To Try

Monday, October 12, 2020

TikTok has been around for quite some time now, and even if you haven't downloaded it, I'm sure you watched a few of the videos circling around the internet. Putting aside all the different videos you can find on TikTok, beauty hacks may be one of the most popular ones. That is not as strange as some of them are life-changing.

Like never before, it is so easy to find an answer to our many beauty-related questions. Finding a beauty hack that saves money, time, and with all that it actually works is a treat. Among the hundreds of different beauty hacks you can find on TikTok, here are the top 5 you need to try yourself. 


1. Perfect Longlasting Base

Nobody likes cakey or dry patched skin after carefully trying to apply foundation. If you've been having a hard time getting that ideal base that will look amazing and is going to stay like that for the rest of the day, then you need to check this fantastic TikTok beauty hack. 

2. Last Minute Pimple Coverup 

Waking up to a pimple on an important day is dreadful. Sometimes it feels like as much as we try, nothing is going to cover it up, and it is easier to just give up. Well, don't give up just yet. Watch this TikTok video and make your pimple go away, at least for a few hours. It saved me more than once. 

3. Voluminous Lashes 

If you are a fan of falls lashes or just need to wear them as your lashes can't hold a curl, then this is a beauty hack just for you. Follow these quick steps to get your lashes the volume they deserve without putting falls lashes on. This is the one hack I swear by. 

4. Eyeliner On Point 

Eyeliner is probably the trickiest part of any makeup look. If you mess it up, then you probably need to redo your whole eye makeup all over again, and no one has time for that. To make sure that this makeup step goes as smoothly as possible, here is a TikTok hack we've all been waiting for. 

5. Crusted Lipgloss Saviour 

How many lip glosses have you thrown away because they got crusted? Did you know that you can save the rest of the lipgloss in there?  If only we knew about this hack before. Give life to your dry lipglosses right now.

Have you tried any of these TikTok hacks? 

Which one is your favorite one? 

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