5 Ways To Get Better Sleep This Week

Monday, October 19, 2020

5 ways to get better sleep this week

Not being able to fall asleep or waking up feeling tired is something we all experienced at least once. Sleep holds a big role in keeping our body and mind working smoothly. Neglecting it or sacrificing for other things is going to haunt you later on. While it may seem like you will never have a good night's sleep, don't get discouraged. There are probably some methods that you haven't tried yet. Maybe some of them are hiding in this post. 

All of these ways to get better sleep are simple if you take the time to make them a habit. You can't expect all of them to work from the first try. Especially so if you've been neglecting your sleeping schedule for a long time. Trying at least one of these methods will only benefit you. I recommend picking the one that you feel like you'll be able to stick to and then implementing other ones along the way. 



We are not even aware of the impact food has on the quality of our sleep. There is a reason why nutritionists and dietitians recommend having light and protein-based dinner. That kind of food our body can easily digest. When you eat late at night and carbohydrates your body has a hard time digesting which is messing up your sleeping pattern. 

Eating food that will not give your metabolism a hard time is key to better night sleep. What you can do today is to have lunch at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. This will leave enough time for your metabolism to digest your dinner. To help it even more make yourself a protein and fiber-rich dinner. Chicken and vegetables are always a great option as well as salads and oatmeal. 

Tips for better sleep


How many time your thoughts was what made it hard to fall asleep? What we think and how we feel can have a big impact on our sleep. This is especially common if we have something important or stressful happing the next day. If you are usually a person that overthinks and analyses everything then this may be the biggest problem when it comes to good night sleep. Don't worry there is something you can do. 

Grab a notebook and pen and before you go to bed write down your thoughts. It can be anything that comes to your mind. There is no need to censure anything or worry about what you are writing about. This is purely so you can make your mind at ease. Keep this notebook on your bedside table and reach for it every day or whenever you feel like you need to. 


Having a somewhat regular bedtime routine is very important if you have trouble falling asleep or waking up feeling rested. When I say bedtime routine I don't necessarily mean about all the rituals you do. I refer to having a set time you go to bed and an exact time you wake up. Making a habit to go to bed at for example 11pm and waking up at 7am is what will become a routine. 

Your body will get used to this schedule and you won't have trouble falling asleep or waking up. Finding a time frame that works for you might take time but it is necessary that you find it but most importantly stick to it. At first, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time for a week and see from there. Of course, you don't need to stick to the time frame in a second. 


There are a lot of benefits that reading brings with it and one of them is connected to better sleep. For most people, bedtime reading has a sleeping pill kind of effect. That's why there are bedtime stories. Even if you don't like to read I recommend you trying to read before bed. Most likely you will start to feel sleepy after reading just a few pages. This is a great way to fall asleep faster. Always have a book or two on your bedside table. 

This is a great alternative to scrolling through social media or watching TV. It is scientifically proven that light that different screens radiate can make you fall asleep harder. As well as if you watch action movies just before you go to bed as the level of adrenalin increases and keep you awake. So turn off the TV and keep your phone away. 

Do you have any tips for better sleep? 

Have you tried any of these ways? 


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