4 Reasons You're Not Getting Things Done

Monday, November 2, 2020

Do you have a hard time starting and finishing your assignments? 

Well, you are not the only one. Getting things done, especially when we have a deadline is not that easy. There are different factors that are making it even harder. Sometimes we are not even aware of the things that are holding us back from doing what we need to. After reflecting on my lifestyle I noticed some patterns. I decided to share with you 4 reasons that are probably stopping you from getting things done. 

I'm sure that some of them you are going to notice in your own life as well. They are very common when it comes to working on anything. Most of us are aware of those things and that is not the main problem. The problem is how to fix it. For each of these 4 reasons, I found a way that can help you work on it. 



I know I know, multitasking is usually presented as something good. Let me explain. Multitasking is not so problematic when you are, for example, scrolling through Instagram and listening to a podcast. In that kind of situation, multitasking won't make much damage. But multitasking while working on different important projects isn't a very good idea. The reason behind that is the fact that when you are constantly jumping from one thing to another, you are only using a certain amount of time, energy, and focus. 

The worst thing you can do is not 100% focusing on one thing at a time. Some people think that multitasking is what people think about when they say "work smarter, not harder". Working smarter means setting a certain time and energy to do one thing and finishing it quickly. Just think how stressed you felt jumping from one thing to another not knowing what you need to do next. So if you have a few big tasks try to focus only on one of them even if it is 20 minutes at a time. 


To-do lists are great only if you use them the right way. We all have different ways we like to write to-do lists. Some of us make it very detailed while some write down just bullet points. Both of those methods are great if you prioritize tasks that are most important first. Most of us write down the easiest tasks first and while we get to the harder tasks we don't have much energy or time left. As important as it may be to water your plants, writing that paper might be a little bit more important. 

Your plants won't be mad if you water them a few hours later while not writing your paper on time may have a bigger consequence. I recommend writing down the top 3 tasks you need to get done today. You can either add the rest of the tasks or write them down once you've finished those 3 most important ones. This is also one of the ways that will help you get done with those dreadful things sooner. 


Procrastinating is something most of us do on a daily basis. It is the time we spend doing things that may seem fun but are not adding much value to our life. If we spent those hours that we scrolled through social media admiring other people's lives we could've worked on our own life. I don't think that there is a way to completely beat procrastination but there are some ways to reduce it. One of those ways is time management. I know how hard that can be, but there is one way that personally helps me the most. 

It is a Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro method is basically working in 4 sets that are 25 minutes long with 5 minutes break between each set. This way you can completely focus on that one thing for 25 minutes and have a break. It will help you focus better and get things done quicker. I used to use Pomodoro YouTube videos to track time but recently I downloaded an app called Focus To-Do. This app is very helpful and easy to use. 


Setting goals at the begging of the year isn't the only time you should do it. Not having a clear goal in mind when you work on something can be that one thing that is making it hard for you to get things done. That can especially be the case when you need to do something boring or hard. You just want to get it done but it takes you an eternity. Visualizing the end goal can be something that can help you finish it quicker. 

We often hit a wall when we start to drown in different tasks and can't seem to find a way to be done with them. The next time you hit that wall, try to think about the end goal. Reasons why you are doing it and how will you feel once you are done. All of those things are very important to stay on top of our game. You can't expect each day to be fun and interesting. Especially when it comes to work or assignments. 

Do you struggle with getting things done? 

How are you trying to fix that? 

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