Summer Bucket List: 4 Ways To Have Fun & Stay Safe

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

It is finally Summer but for this one, we'll need to adjust our bucket list a little bit. Summer is that time of the year that a lot of people look forward to as it means beautiful weather and a lot of fun outdoor activities. We are going through a difficult and strange time which means that we need to change the way we act. Although this might feel discouraging, there are still a lot of ways to have an amazing Summer. There is no much help in wailing. We need to make it work with what we have and what we have is not that bad at all. 

It is all about how creative you can be with what you can work with. Now is the time to broader our horizons and find new ways to have fun. Here are 4 of activities you can do this Summer. They are super easy to do but guarantee you to have a lot of fun while staying safe and healthy. You can do them alone or with the people you live with. Either way, you'll have a great time.  


When was the last time you had a picnic? Even if you had it yesterday, you can have it today as picnics are the best. They are just such an amazing thing to do outside but they are great to do even inside. The best thing is that you don't need to go far away to have an amazing picnic. Your garden or balcony will do an excellent job. Just grab some blankets and food and beverages of your choice and you are ready to go. There are a lot of simple recipes you can try to make your picnic even better. 

With the current situation, I know that a lot of you don't have the privilege of having a garden or balcony but that shouldn't stop you from having a lovely picnic. Who says that picnics can be done only outside? Get creative and turn one of the rooms in your home in the perfect picnic spot. The best thing about the picnic in the house is that you are not going to get attacked by bugs and you'll have everything you need close to you. You can even turn it into a picnic movie night and have more fun. 


For all of the bookworms out there this is what you need to do. Reading alone is fun, but reading with a group of friends is even better. With social distancing, you might not be able to meet in person and talk about books. The technologies came to save the day. There are so many telecommunication apps you can use to hold a book club. You can use Zoom, Skype, or many others. This is great as you can hang out with your friend and stay safe at the same time. 

The hardest part is choosing the book to read as there are so many amazing ones out there. If you need some help on how to actually host a book club then you can always find great tips on Pinterest. Just don't feel to much pressure if you decide to be the one to host it. It is all to have fun and appreciates books. I'm sure that your friends will be willing to join in and help you make your book club a fun activity that brings light into your daily life. 


As human beings, we like to challenge ourselves. This is great as it helps us to grow and learn new things. There are a lot of different challenges online. From fitness to Instagram ones. 30 days challenges are perfect for those who just want to spice up their days. Those of you who like to challenge yourself with new and exciting things will find this even more exciting. Challenges are an amazing way to see how committed you can be to do different things. With the social-distancing doing challenges with other people can fill your day with something interesting. 

They can be a motivation to actually start doing that one thing you've been pushing back for so long. 30-day challenges can also help you built new positive habits and routines that will improve the overall quality of your life. I know that some people find these challenges overwhelming and feel like they are not going to be able to actually stick through. The things are that if you realize that certain challenge isn't for you, you can always try a different one. Nobody is going to judge you for that. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself and have fun. 


Spending the whole Summer in your home gets quite boring. Especially if you are used to spending a lot of time exploring new places. Those of you who can go on a little road trip should definitely use it. Of course following all the guidelines and restrictions. Safety comes first as without it you can have a lot of fun. Going on a drive to the nearest forest or place can make you feel much better and happier. The thing is that you don't need to travel for hours. I'm sure that there are a lot of beautiful places just an hour's drive from you. 

This is the perfect time to satisfy the travel bug and actually change your surroundings for a few hours. Traveling is definitely that a lot of us are missing right now. Sometimes we forget that we don't need to hop on an airplane to visit amazing places. Just driving to the countryside and spending a day at the river or walking through the forest and making new memories can make you appreciate the beauty of your own country and also make Summer a lot better. 

What is on your Summer Bucket List? 
How are you having fun and staying safe? 

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