How We Can Protect Human Dignity In The Modern World

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Human dignity is something we can often hear and use without really thinking about what stands behind that term. The whole world is going through some hard times and a lot of very important questions have been brought up. Now more than ever it is important to realize what does human dignity really means and what does it takes to have human dignity?

If you look a little bit closer to the etymology of this term then you will learn that it has roots in Latin word Dignitas which can be translated as dignity, value, merit, external honor, internal honor, and so on. 

From this, we can think that person who is respected and has values is one that has human dignity. Most people think that they are living their life with dignity without really thinking through and reflecting on their actions. If you look at the way they live you could even think that they are purely trying to fit in the system without even using their reason to see what is good and what is bad. That is not what human dignity means. 

We often think that human dignity is something that we can give to others or others have the power to give to us. That is completely and utterly wrong. Human dignity is something you are born with, it is something that has been implemented in your nature as a human being. The problem starts when someone thinks that it is okay to choose who has human dignity and who doesn't have it. 

There is a part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that says that every single one of us is born equal in freedom, dignity, and rights. That is and should be true but we are witnessing that some people are losing that basic right as soon as they are born. We are all born in a certain time, under certain circumstances, in a specific family, nation, or political regime. It is unquestionably that each of those factors shapes our future and our whole life. They are deciding if the human born with human dignity will actually have it once it starts to grow old. 

A free and dignified person shouldn't accept or give to others humiliation and indifference. They need to act honorably. The dignity of a free human being is active creation, it is a foundation of the progress of human society. That kind of attitude toward ourselves, others, and life as a whole is something that requires effort. Effort in the way we think and the way we act. 

Only once we stop being outraged a because of the injustice inflicted on us and we start to emphasize and react to the sorrow and injustice inflicted on others, only then this world has the opportunity to be home for every single one of us. Until then, it is going to be divided in itself, an inhospitable abode of lonely, frightened individuals who with little trust in themselves find almost no trust in others. 

Injustice, racism, and stereotypes are so well hidden in generalization. We huge the whole nation, race, profession based on the acts and behavior of the minority. If we only use the common reason we can realize that you can't label someone because of the way they look, act, or the background they come from. We often use saying "Don't judge the book by its cover" when that is exactly what we are doing on a daily bases. We don't even try to understand or learn about someone because we already 



The first thing we need to do is to educate ourselves on different grounds of human rights and human dignity. The thing is that we probably know what rights and privileges we have and we think that it is enough. When in fact what we need to do is learn about the ways human dignity has been taken from so many people around the world. We are used to looking at the world from a certain point of view and that can restrict us from actually seeing what the world is really like. 

There is so much we can learn if we only show the effort to try and understand what our fellow human beings are going through. We need to try and find different perspectives that can help us broaden our horizons. There are so many amazing articles and books that talk about racism, injustice, and inequality that can help you open your eyes and after that actually act on it. 


Educating ourselves is very important but it doesn't mean much if we don't take action upon it. If we don't actually take initiative to help others and try and fix the injustice. A lot of people just stop at education as they feel like they are too weak and small to actually make a change. What we don't understand is that it all starts from that one person who thinks and knows that they have the power to make a change, even if that change at first seems like it is irrelevant, it is not. 

The thing is that even if just 10 people start to make a change that all ads up at the end. You taking action can encourage someone else to do the same and what you get is a domino effect. That is how the change is made when individuals unite together to fight the injustice. When you see injustice don't just turn your head, speak up. 


Social media has a big impact on protecting human dignity and rights as it connects like-minded people. What we often forget that not everybody has access to social media. The best way to fight injustice is to communicate with people around us. With our families and friends but most important with those who disagree with us. You don't need to try and convince them that they are wrong you only need to listen to what they have to say and then say your opinion. 

Those who are ready to listen and change will do it without you aggressively trying to convince them. What we need the most is respectful communication that has its foundation on love for all human beings and on the human dignity that is in all of us. 

How are you fighting injustice and protecting human dignity? 
Where do you find valuable information to educate yourself? 

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