You Want To Make A Difference? Here's How You Can Do It

Friday, July 24, 2020

There is this misconception about what "making a difference" really means. Most people think that to make a difference you need to find a cure for a disease or make billions of dollars. Although those things definitely make a difference, that doesn't mean that they are the only ways to do so. There are different categories of making a difference, you can make a difference in your own personal life, business life, and on a bigger scale. 

Each of these categories has a meaning and should not be taken for granted. Most of us start to feel disappointed as we know that we are probably not going to be able to impact a lot of people and make a change in that way. This discourages us and keeps us from realizing that there are other ways we can make an impact. We don't realize that when we try to make a difference with our own abilities, together we can make a big change. 

Don't feel discouraged as there are some ways you can make a difference, and probably already are. Those are the things that are usually taken for granted and we don't look at them as something that is impacting the world we are living in. While following some or all of the ways mentioned below, you might not make a change on a global scale but trust me you are going to make a difference right where you should. 


What is the better way to make a difference if not doing what you love and feel passionate about? More and more generations start to think about what they want to do in their life from an early age. The modern era made it possible for most people to choose from a variety of different options. Social media definitely gives a platform you can use to leave a trace in this world. If you have something valuable to share then starting a blog, podcast or YouTube could be something for you. It doesn't mean that you need to make that your full-time job, but it can be an outlet. When you share your passion with others it will resonate with more people as they will be able to tell what your true purpose is. 

I know that a lot of people struggle to find their passion as they are either interested in a lot of different things or not anything at all. One of the easiest ways to find your passion is to see what you constantly think about and what you are good at. If you are a good speaker and love to have deep and meaningful conversations than why not try and film a podcast or a YouTube video or just talk with people around you. If you are more comfortable with writing then make your own website. Your passion may be helping others so look for volunteer work you can do in your community.  The possibilities are endless. 


It really is true that most people will remember you from how you made them feel and not from what you did or what job or how much money you had. Something as simple as helping the elderly to cross the road or help your family members or neighbor through a rough time is something that will make a difference. It will not only make a difference in your life but also in the life of others. Kindness really does reciprocate. You doing something kind for someone else might encourage them to do the same to someone else and that reaction can make a difference to so many people without you even knowing. 

Making a difference doesn't mean everyone knowing that you did a good deed. It means your unselfishness and humanity bringing joy to others without wanting anything in return. We live in a strange time where kindness and love seem to lack. Be that one person who will show what impact treating others with respect and kindness can do. Being kind can heal wounds that so many people are hiding from the world. Seek to be the ray of light for those who think the world is a dark place, and trust me that is the most valuable difference you can make.  


When we think about different things we can do to really try and make a change in the world we tend to try too many things at once. Although we may feel passionate about different causes and crises that are striking our society, being vocal and fight for all of them might make us overwhelmed. This will lead to burnout and you won't be able to keep up. For the start, it would be best to choose one thing you feel the most passionate about and try to make a difference in that field. Of course, as time goes you can always branch out and reach out in different fields but start with one thing. 

This goes for making a difference in the professional field you are in or on a personal level. Trying to tackle a lot of different things will make you give little bursts of energy. It is better to give your all in one thing and when you feel like you are ready to move on another one just go for it. Choosing your battles goes hand in hand with finding what your passion is. Finding your passion will make it clearer for you to realize what you really want to stand up for and with that make a difference. Just remember that standing up for something you feel passionate about will not go unnoticed. 


One of the best ways to make a difference is to speak up. Remember, speaking up but not yelling. There is s big difference that a lot of people tend to confuse. Speaking up means knowing exactly why are you using your voice and what are you wanting to achieve by doing that. Standing up for something or someone without knowing the full story and both sides could lead you to stand behind the wrong people and the wrong causes. Make sure that when you speak up and with that want to make a change, that you do it in the right way. Speaking up means forming your own opinion but also always staying respectful. 

Sometimes we tend to stand behind something just because we want to be seen and not because of that cause itself. Our pride and ego should never be in the center as that will not lead to making a difference for the right reasons. Making a difference should always go together with a positive change in the world and society. Speaking up also means educating others and that is the key part of making a difference. If you can inspire just one person to embrace what you stand for and realize the purpose of preaching and standing for the good and for the truth, then you already made a difference. 

What kind of difference do you want to make? 
Do you think that you already made a difference? 

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