Dealing With Punches Life Throws At Us

Monday, September 30, 2019

How many times did life throw a curveball at you? 

I'm sure that there's been quite a few of those moments and that you would rather keep it in the past. The way we deal with those kind of situations is what is crucial and what makes us or breaks us. Dealing with punches that life throws at us definitely isn't easy but there are better ways to receive them. 

Life can sometimes just throw at us some dirty punches that catch us by complete surprise. Sometimes they are not that serious and we can get back on our feet without too much loss but sometimes they can throw us out of the game and coming back is harder than we expected it to be. Although we may be familiar with those surprising bad things for our whole lives it can steal be hard to find the right way to deal with them. Want it or not, we as a human beings are weak and more so mentally than physically. 

The defense mechanism that we are constantly building throughout out life is what can help us but also harm as in the long run. It depends on the mindset and emotions that we are building this defense mechanism on. Some of the defense mechanisms that you might be familiar with are denial, repression, regression or sublimation. The thing is that we tend to not realize that the defense mechanism that we are using is not actually helping us get through that negative situation; in fact it is making it all even worse. 

With all the different emotions and thoughts that start running through our mind self doubt might be one of the worse ones. Starting to blame yourself and being hard on yourself is not going to make it any better. The things that are happening in our lives are probably meant to happen. That equally goes for the good and for the bag things. We all know that life isn’t all milk and honey but we still get discouraged. 

Reflecting back on your life I am sure that you had thousands of situations that just shook you and you didn’t think that you could ever completely recover from them. If you are able to reflect on those negative moments of your life then that means that you pushed through it. Maybe you are still not where you want to be but that negative part of your life didn’t kill you. I’m sure that it only made you stronger or at least made you learn something from that experience. 

When we are living a happy and ordinary life where there are some things we worry and stress about but nothing major, then we tend to overlook on the all the blessings in our lives. In contrary, as soon as something drastic happens and wakes us up from our bubble than we’ve been living in and taking from granted then we end up going to the extreme. Even although you may think about that sudden change in your life as a negative one it still doesn’t mean that from now on your life is going to be all negative.

It is hard to be objective when those kind of things are happening to you but remember all the times when your dear ones were going through similar situations and try to recall what kind of advice or just words you told them. Now give that advice and encouraging words to yourself.

As much as you cared for them you should care for yourself. Reflect and try to be as objective as you possibly can. It is going to be hard, I’m not saying that it won’t but this might be the quickest way for you to get up. You might still feel a little bit dazed but at least you are one step closer to throw back the punch.

How do you deal with negative situations and changes? 

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