Do You Have More Negative Than Positive Thoughts? Here’s How To Make A Change!

Friday, September 6, 2019

We all sometimes feel rather negative. It might be because of the things that are currently happening in our life or just because we got used to thinking that way. It is sort of a coping mechanism for the life. Negative thoughts once in a while are completely normal but what when they start to show up every day?

That is something that shouldn’t be the case and if it is there are always ways to get your thoughts back on the track. Here are few of the ways that I personally try to deal with any negative thought that comes in my mind. 

Negative thoughts can be very broad. Some have negative thoughts about their physical appearance others have toxic thoughts about other people out of jealousy. There are a lot of different ones that can be bigger or smaller. These thoughts are stopping you to fully live a positive and happy life. They make you feel down, bitter and disappointed with your life. They sneak into your mind without you even realizing and they can make a lot of damage. 


Just because you have a few negative thoughts doesn’t immediately make you a negative person. The thing is that when you don’t notice constant show up of negative thoughts is where the problem begins. Negative thoughts can be sneaky and disguise as self pity and self doubt. To stop the negative thoughts to rule over your life you need to immediately catch when they start to grow inside your mind. As soon as you are aware of them you will be able to react the right way. For this you need to constantly self reflect and be mindful. This means that you should also notice when you have healthy positive thoughts to be able to see the difference when negative thoughts happen. 

Don’t just simply brush them off because that doesn’t mean that they won’t show up again. There is always a reason why we feel, act or think a certain way. When negative thought comes up it can be connected to a thousand little ones that have been present in your mind for quite some time. Look deeper into why would you think that and when did it start. Maybe you won’t be able to immediately find the cause but it is still a big progress. You are getting one step forward the life where negative thoughts don’t have place in. A lot of different things can cause a toxic thought to be born and those things can be more or less important. Some of the negative thoughts you will be able to get rid of immediately and some of them will need some work done. 

The best way to deal with bad is to do well. Acting up on negative thoughts with beating yourself up and causing them to grow is never a smart idea. It is much better to just stop the negative thought process by finding a positive alternative. For example if negative thought about your body image starts to show up you can replace it with a positive thought about how you are healthy and you are doing your best to work on your body. Judging is also a form of negative thought that shouldn’t exist. Whenever you start to judge someone think about how we are all different and beautiful in our own way as well as that we can’t know what is happening in someone else’s life. 

Well, right now seems like a quite good time. As I already said even the most positive person out there have negative thoughts sometimes. They are something that we as a human beings get across with but that doesn’t means that we should just let it be. Having negative thoughts and not knowing how to deal with them is the main problem. It is challenging as our mind is mysterious but with will to change and work on yourself you can be more mindful and present with your thought.

How do you deal with negative thoughts? 
Do you think that you are a positive person? 

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