Adult Peer Pressure Is Real & We Need To Talk About It

Thursday, October 10, 2019

When you hear about the “peer pressure” what is the first thing that comes into your mind? 

For a long time the first thing I thought about was the peer pressure in the teenage years. What I had in mind was the pressure that is imposed by the group of teenagers who think that they can pressure others to do and think the same way that they do. Just recently I realized that peer pressure isn’t only limited to the adolescence it is present in most stages of human life. 

While the peer pressure in the teenage years might be so strong because as a teenagers we didn’t have our own opinion and mindset as established as we do when we get older but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t adults who pressure others to think, feel and act certain way. Be it at job, university or in our families, there are still those who carry on pressuring others. 

Although we are older something that does not change is the way that those people act. It is very important to realize who those people are so that you can react in the right way. This can be hard as they are quite different from the teenagers who peer pressure others. Adults do it in a sneaky way. 

While you have a conversation with them they will state their opinions very strongly, so strong that you will get the feeling as you need to think the same way as they do. They will subtly suggest you that the things they are saying are overall truth and that it is better if you also embrace their way of thinking. Each time they will start to put their own ideas into your head and make you start questioning if what they are saying is maybe actually correct. 

When you notice that kind of situation it is better to just not indulge in any kind of deep conversations. If they notice that you don’t have established opinion on something they will take the chance to win you over to their side. Be smarter and just simply let them know that they can think, act or believe in anything they want but that doesn’t mean that you will do the same. 

Those kind of people look for victims who will be easily swayed into doing something that is overall bad. They will use different techniques to prove you that what they want you to do isn’t really a bad thing in fact they will make it seem as everyone is doing it so you should too. Your reason will probably alarm you that this isn’t feeling right but if you don’t have a strong mindset once you fall under their influence it can be hard to get out of it. 

In those kinds of situations it would be the best to just think rationally and take everything into consideration. If you know that something is bad as attractive as it may look it is still something you should not be doing. Think about the outcome that will lead if you actually fall under their pressure. How will that affect your mental, physical, personal and work life? Even if it is someone that is superior to you if the thing they want you to do is illegal just don’t do it. 

Adult peer pressure can also come from social media. While this pressure might not be directly felt as the one with the real person can it is still there. We are subconsciously pressured to like, look or think as some people that are nowadays usually called “influencers”. It is usually manifested in the work and personal life that social media presents and peer pressure as in the way that we should strive to have that kind of life as well. 

We tend to forget that our life journey and the journey of the other people are different and should never be compared or tried to be imitated. You should always think, act and believe in things that you truly and deeply know are right. Your moral compass and intuition is what you should listen to.

Have you ever felt the adult peer pressure? 
How did you feel in that kind of situation? 

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