We Get Lost So We Can Find Ourselves

Friday, March 15, 2019

Life is a big old road on which some signs are not as clear as others. Life puts hills and mountains on our path to see if we are willing to push through them. Sometimes we blindly follow others and other times we try to found our own path. Well the reason why so many people follow others is because finding your own path is so freaking hard. Knowing what you want to do when you grow up and who you want to be is one of the hardest and scariest parts of life but without them, what would life even be? 

In the past I dreaded the feeling of not knowing what I want from life and what the life wants from me. After getting lost quite a lot of times (in just 21 years of my life) I realized that I focused too much on the time I was lost and not on the times I found myself again and what led me to that. The real thing is that the “me” I found wasn’t the same old “me” that got lost. At the other end there was “me” who got a little bit closer to the life she wants to live and the person she wants to become. I realized that if I didn’t get lost in the first place I wouldn’t find my new self. When we deal with difficulties in life and when we push through we are left with new perspective on life. 

Sometimes that feeling of not knowing where you’re going can happen in a second. Just moments ago you thought you had everything planned and ready to live the life you want. That is actually when new doors that were closed open to us. We as humans most of the time don’t see the whole perspective. We only see a tiny bit that we currently focus on. The new opportunities that show in front of us can easily be misunderstood as getting lost when in fact we actually just found new paths. Those paths may be confusing and hard but they definitely are here to help us. 

There are definitely different stages of feeling and getting lost. Some of them are just temporary and don’t have a bad impact on our life while others can be quite damaging. Being influenced by bad people or situations that happen in our life is something that can easily happen. No one who takes a bad path thinks about it as so. We mostly do the things that we think are “good” for us even when we know that it’s not the case. The only way you can get back to the track is to realize the damage your current lifestyle is doing to you. You are the only one who can make you change because you have the power over your life. 

People who go through bad situations in life caused by themselves or others can be quite hard on themselves. The realization of the life they led and the things they did can haunt them. That is just keeping them away from the life they are meant to be living. The thing that counts is that you are now back on the right path. You are not the same old person who took that wrong turn in life. If you were still that person you wouldn’t be able to realize that you were going in the wrong direction. The only thing you can do is to learn from your mistakes and be sure to never repeat them. You have a new chance to live the life you want but still you don’t need to be afraid to get lost once in a while as long as you get back on track as a new and better self. 

What are your thoughts on getting lost? 
Do you only see it as something negative? 

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