How to Be a Supportive Friend

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Finding a person you can truly call a friends is very special and you should feel blessed if you are one of those people. Connecting with someone on that level is not an easy thing to do. Some people just don’t get what being a real friend means. It’s definitely a relationship that requires a lot of patience and work. Maintaining a close friendship throughout the years is challenging but also very rewarding. Sometimes while we deal with our own problems we can neglect our best friend who is also going through hard time. So how to be a supportive friend even through those kind of times? 

Sometimes what they really need is not your advice, words of affirmation or even your presence. They just need to know that you are just here for them no matter what. They need to know that you believe in them and that they can count on you at any given time. Let them know that you are ready to wait for them until they are ready to share what they are dealing with and ask for your advice if they need it. You should never press them to open up or push your opinion on them if they are still not ready for it. 

Real friendship is knowing when to step back and let them just figure it out on their own. Although it may be hard for you to watch them suffer and not do anything, you really need to try and accept what they want. I’m sure that they will ask for you when they feel like they are ready to share their suffering with someone who they really trust and feel safe with. You should definitely check on how they are doing but moderately. I’m sure that you know your friend pretty well to know when it’s the best time to approach them. 

Although it may seem that supporting them through bad times is hard, for some supporting them through happy ones can be even harder. If you are able to feel pure joy for your best friend’s achievements then you are a truly good person. Some people just can’t feel joy for others which is very sad. Instead of joy they feel jealousy because their friend achieved something they didn’t. Letting them know how happy you are for them and that you truly mean it will just deepen you friendship. Even more so if you’ve been with them throughout the whole journey until they reached the end goal. 

They will feel that you are their biggest fan and that they don’t need to feel burdened to share their achievements with you. You showing to them that you are interested in their life even when you’re maybe far away from each other will make them feel like you are here for them even when you can’t see eye to eye. Encourage them in the moments when they feel like they can’t achieve something and remind them how amazing they are. Best friends really should be each other’s biggest supporters. 

We live in a time when it seems like “busy” is a world we use to explain how we feel and in which state we are. Making time for your best friend may seem like an impossible mission. Well, it definitely shouldn’t be and in reality it’s not. If we make it a priority we can definitely do it. If you are both super busy throughout the week then be sure to contact each other or talk in person at the weekend. It’s really all about making compromise and talking it out. To stay connected it’s very important to not lose a touch. 

Although you may be on different sides of a country or even the world, there are always ways to really focus just on the quality time you can have with your best friend. Thanks to all the social Medias you can easily see each other with just a touch on the screen. So be sure to take advantage of the technology. As you can tell, making time really isn’t something that should feel like burden. If you start to stop contacting each other every so often then your friendship may not last much longer. If that’s something you definitely don’t won’t to happen then you know what you need to do.

How do you show support to your friend? 
Do you find it hard to find a time to talk with your friend? 

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