3 Ways to "Stretch" Your Mind

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Body and mind are in a very special connection. We wouldn’t be alive without one of them. Focusing just on body or just on mind is something a lot of people tend to do. It’s known from the human history and through philosophy that some give bigger meaning to body and neglect the mind, while others find mind to be the most important. Some people often embrace that way of thinking and get to extremes. 

You can see a lot of people talking about the importance of working out and taking care of your body, which is by no means bad, but they almost never talk about the importance of mind as well.Even when you work out your body you need your mind who signals you what your boundaries are. Although I think that it’s not as popular as promoting working out, some people do tend to focus only on mind and end up getting sick as they never workout. Well, as in everything else, it’s very important to find the right balance. Today I wanted to talk about the different ways you can stretch your mind as in the past I wrote about some ways to work out. 

I know that there are a lot of people who think that they don’t like to read. Well I don’t think that there is such a thing. You can definitely not like to read about certain topics but you shouldn’t say that you don’t like to read in general. The problem is that you probably never read a book that you really loved. People often force themselves to read books that they don’t enjoy so they end up not reading at all. If you are one of those people who love working out and healthy living is something they feel passionate about, then why don’t you grab a book about that as there are so many of amazing ones out there. 

You can always find something interesting to read about no matter what the genre is. Reading will keep your brain cells working and it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary and knowledge on certain things. If you tend to have trouble concentrating then it’s scientifically proven that reading helps to improve focus. Reading is in my opinion one of the best anti stressors. You can just leave all of your problems in this world and head to completely another one in a second. So whenever you have a little bit of free time take a book and start reading. 

For those who enjoy to spend their time watching television I have the best possible way to make that time very beneficial for your mind. Documentaries are for watchers, what quality books are for readers. You can probably find a documentary on almost everything and anything you can think about. Some of them are so beautifully filmed that just suck you in and you can’t help it but to soak every single information. Learning about new cultures, animals, traditions, technology. , etc. has never been more easy. 

I personally always loved documentaries about animals. I started to watch them when I was a young girl and most of the things I now know about a lot of different animals is thanks to documentaries. Today is even easier to find the ones that you are interested in as you can just google it or find them on YouTube. There are a lot of short ones that won’t take much of your time but you are still going to learn so much. Believe me that some of that knowledge that you’ll get through documentaries will help you someday in your life. Even the fact that you are now aware that something that you probably never will see in person exists is absolutely amazing. 

Having a discussion and arguing is something that a lot of people do not differ. We all have slightly or totally different opinions then others and that is normal and okay. The problem is when we don’t know how to express those opinions and end up just shouting at each other which is not very appropriate. Having a discussion means exchanging different opinions on certain topic while listening to other side and being respectful of other opinions. As important as it is to talk, it’s also very important to listen to the other side. We often form a specific opinion from a specific perspective that we stand behind and we don’t see the other side. 

That is the reason we can learn so much by listening to what others have to say. That doesn’t mean that we need to agree with everything they say but we must never underestimate others opinions. Discussing in a proper way will broaden your horizons and you’ll have a bigger picture on different topics. It is absolutely okay if you willingly change your opinion and start to think differently. This is a sign that you are willing to learn and expand your knowledge. We are just humans which means that we don’t know and never will know everything but we do have the capability to evolve our knowledge. 

What do you like to do to keep your mind working? 
Do you pay more attention to your body or mind? 

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