I stopped watching TV – this is what happened

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

TV must be one of the greatest inventions in human history as probably every person owns or have owned a TV. With new and bigger models being released daily it seems like its fame haven’t decreased at all. Well that might not be the complete truth although there still are a lot of families that own more than just one TV in their homes. The quality of the TV program isn’t everywhere the same which is probably one of the reasons why so many people are deciding to reduce the TV watching time or even completely get rid of it. I was one of them.

It’s been 5 years since I’ve completely thrown out TV from my bedroom. I was in high school and even then I realized that keeping TV in my room is just a big distraction. We still had TV in our living room so I knew that it isn’t really completely out of my life. Well that slowly changed as I noticed that not spending hours watching soap operas or reality shows I can do other things. I can honestly say that I haven’t sat in front of TV and watched something for hours probably few now. 

So what is the result behind throwing out TV from my room? 

I remember waiting for my favorite TV show to come on TV in exact time every day and how excited I would be for it. I was so excited that I would rather stay inside then go outside for a walk or meet with a friend. TV really has the power to suck you in and you end up watching a random reality show that you don’t care about a single bit. As I don’t keep up with any show on TV, I’m not attached to TV program. 

I know a lot of people and I was also one of them who would arrange their time around a certain show. The main problem I see in this is that TV starts to control our lives. We start to feel cranky when we need to go somewhere or do something while our show is airing. That are some of the signs that you are starting to give TV a bigger influence on your life than it should have. There is by no means anything wrong if you like to watch a TV in your spare time but there is a healthy boundary for everything. 

How many of you have TV in your bedrooms? I’m sure that probably a lot of you do which isn’t that shocking as we associate TV with rest and relaxation. Well, I was the same. When I was a teenager I didn’t like to watch the same things as the rest of my family so having a TV in my bedroom seemed like a perfect option. On the weekends I would stay up late and watch different TV shows and movies. Because I went to sleep late, I would wake up the next day later as well. I would just end up wasting half of my day as I would feel tired. 

The quality of my sleep drastically changed after I’ve thrown out my TV. As I don’t go so late to bed, I fall asleep much faster and I wake up feeling rested. I noticed that waking up early isn’t as hard as it used to be. I now don’t waste my mornings and always start my day the right way. If you have trouble falling asleep or waking up then TV might be the cause. Bedroom is supposed to be an oasis of peace and calm which TV can disturb. If you are 

I’m sure than you noticed the negativity and disinformation that is constantly shown on TV. Heartbreaking things are happening every second and sometimes Medias are just drowning us in the bad news. Sometimes it seems like nothing good is happening in the world. All those negative information’s can have a big impact on our whole day and the negativity is slowly getting into our subconscious. As important as it is to know what is happening in the world I believe that there are other ways we can learn about them from different sources. 

We have the opportunity to learn more about the things that are happening around us in a more positive way. We need more information that will make us want to make a difference. Since I stopped watching TV I started to search for things that are important and interesting to me and only watch things from which I can learn something or have fun. I know that I don’t need to be glued to TV so that I don’t miss an episode of the TV show I’m watching or news with the newest information’s. I can find everything online whenever I have time for it. 

How often do you watch TV? 
Do you have TV in your bedroom? 

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