3 Ways to Push Through “I don’t feel like it” Mindset

Monday, March 25, 2019

Sometimes we can be our own enemies. We put barriers in front of us without even realizing it. Our mind is a mysterious thing. In one moment you can be the most confident and inspired person alive and in another you can feel lost and like you don’t know what to do next. One of the most common mindsets that is probably holding you back right now is the thought of not feeling like doing something. This is something that I believe all of us struggle or have struggled with at one point in our lives. The hardest thing about it is that it’s never the same and you can’t really know when it’ll appear. So what to do when it does come? 

Something I noticed is that most of the times, or at least in my case, it occurs at the time when we need to do something quite important. It may be regarding university assignments or things I need to do for my blog. There is a big difference in the time and situation it shows up in. For example it is not the same if I don’t feel like hanging out with my friends today and If I don’t feel like studying for exam that I have in a few days. The difference is between the outputs it will have in your future. You see, you not hanging out with your friends probably won’t cause any major changes in your future while in contrary you not studying for the exam can lead to failing that class which is a much bigger issue. 

The first thing you need to do when you are confronting some task and you get the “I don’t feel like it” thought coming up in your mind, think about what is going to happen if you don’t do this task right now. How will your currently not feeling like it going to affect your future. If you come to conclusion that pushing through and doing that task now is going to make your life much easier later then just do it. 

The fellow companion of “I don’t feel like it” is definitely the “Excuse master”. You know that voice that starts telling you all of the excuses that go in favor of you just leaving the thing you need to do right now and just do what you want to. Sometimes those excuses can be very tempting and you can easily give in. That’s not actually that weird as of course that you’ll rather watch another episode of your favorite TV show then to do that awful work that will probably take a couple of precious hours. Well, the thing is that you’ll need to do it sooner or later. Even if you decide to surrender to excuses it doesn’t mean that that task miraculously disappeared. Oh no, you probably now have even more of them just pilling on your desk. 

To cut the excuse you definitely need to also think about future but with that you need to have a strong mindset. You need to train yourself to know when it’s okay to maybe leave something for later and when it is not. Making excuses is definitely not going to bring you far. Try to weight if your excuse will give you more value than doing that task. I’m sure that most of the times doing that task is going to make your future selves life so much easier. 

When we say that we #don’t feel like doing something" it means that our emotions are having the last word. Emotions are beautiful thing and without them we wouldn’t be who we are but there are some times when we shouldn’t give them too much power, especially when they are negative ones. If how we feel in an important situation dictates our behavior and decision then that can be quite dangerous. We all know that making decisions while we are under the influence of strong emotions we'll probably regret those decisions later. How you feel shouldn’t interfere with what you need to get done in a negative way. 

Something you can do is to flip those negative emotions into positive ones. Here is how; you need to think about how happy and proud you’ll feel after you finish the thing you need to do. You can also put some kind of reward that you’ll get after you are done. This will make you want to work hard towards that something. Try to vividly see it in your mind. This is hopefully going to make you motivated to finish with that task as soon as possible as you know that you’ll feel content in the end.

Do you often get across that kind of thought? 
Do you have trouble dealing with it? 

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