Reflect For a Better New Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Well Happy New Year to all of you! 

I hope that you had a nice time welcoming it in a great company and that now you’re ready to make 2019 the best it can be. I’m sure that most of you already set some incredible goals for yourself and that you are determined to work for them. I think that looking forward to the future and all that it brings is very important but I also think that for a few moments going back to the last year and reflecting is what can help you to really start the new year in the best possible way. 

Sometimes it can feel a little bit uncomfortable to think about the past year as it may not been as you wanted it to be. We don’t like to be reminded about our failures and unfortunately most of the time exactly the bad moments are what we remember the most vivid. Every day, week, month and at the end year has its ups and lows which is just the part of life in general. I want to assure you that your year was much better than you think it was and that even from those dark moments you can learn so much.

It can be quite hard to just think about all the things that you accomplished in a year as it can get blurry and confusing. I think that the best way to do it is to write down each month and just try to remember some big moments that made that month meaningful. Writing all of it down in your journal or just on a blank sheet of paper is what will bring back those moments into your mind faster. You don’t need to go into little details as that’ll probably take you a lot of time and you might end up giving up at the July. This is just the way you can give yourself some credit and really realize how much you’ve accomplished throughout the whole year. If you don’t have a great memory as myself then I’m sure that you captured some moments on your phone and published it on Instagram. So just scroll down through your gallery. 

This was the sweet part but now it’s time for the bitter one. I know how hard it can be to go back to those low moments as you probably worked very hard to forget about them. Failure is never easy and finding the right way to deal with it is a life long journey. We usually tend to shift our focus on bad things and neglect the good ones. Sometimes we all feel ashamed to talk or even think about it. Well now is the time to get rid of that shame and accept all the flaws of the last year. Write down the biggest lows you had and then write what you can learn from them. What went wrong and how you could’ve prevented it. This is the part that will save you from making those same old mistakes again in the new year.

What was one moment that made your 2018. special? 
What have you learned from it? 

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