Study Smarter Not Harder With This Study Technique

Saturday, January 12, 2019

If you are a university student or you were one then I’m sure that you all know how stressful some days can be. Student life definitely has its advantages but that period of time when all the exams come at once is definitely not one of them. There are a lot of different techniques for studying that I’m sure you already tried yourself. I’ve been there myself and realized that a lot of them just don’t work for me. Then, one day I stumbled upon one that completely changed my study game. 

Studying isn’t really a fun thing to do unless you really want to study something and not necessary need to. Finals are almost here and that means 9 exams in a period of two weeks and in a meanwhile at least 3 essays to write and 10 books to read. That can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you aren’t really a good at time managing. I must admit that I’m quite bad at time organization and I used to leave important tasks and revising for the last minute, definitely wouldn't recommend that.  

After trying so many different apps and methods I finally stumbled upon the one that actually works for me, and pretty well. One day I just decided to write “study with me” on a YouTube as I thought I would find some tips. However I found something much better. There is a YouTube channel called TheStrive Studies. She has a lot of videos where she films herself studying. Yeah you read it right. I know that at first it might sound silly but hear me out.

There is this one video that helped me so much. It’s 2 hour pomodoro revision session. So the key is the pomodoro part. If you’ve never heard about it it’s a method where you study for 25 minutes straight and then take a 5 minute breaks. You do it for 2 hours which equals 4 sessions. I find this method to be just perfect for me as I realized that I tend to lose concentration if I study for more than a 30 minutes straight. I tend to play this video so that I don’t need to look at the watch constantly. I really like that there is a timer on the video and a bell when you finish your session and when the next session begins. I usually study with the no music version but there is one with music as well if you like to have a background noise when you study. 

This really helped me so much and I saw an instant improvement in my focus and after all in my grades. It really doesn’t even feel that you’ve been studying for 2 hours as you have little breaks between. I tend to go through at least one whole video everyday and then few more times week before my exam. If you struggle with studying I really recommend you to try this method as it might work for you as well. If this isn’t the right method for you then check her other videos as they are amazing as well.

Have you heard about this method before? 
Do you struggle with studying? 

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