3 Ways to Cut Plastic From Your Everyday Life

Friday, January 4, 2019

I’m sure that most of you are already aware about the harm that the plastic is doing to our home, the Earth. I’m so happy that this issue is talked a lot and that more and more people are getting on a board to help cut the plastic use. If you are still not quite sure why exactly is the plastic such a big problem then you can find a lot of articles and videos about the topic. 

Plastic sneaked in our lives without us realizing or trying to realize how bad it actually is to not just our own health but for the health of the whole planet. I know how hard it is to stop using plastic when it seems that you just can’t get away of it. I have 3 simple but very meaningful ways that you can start practicing right now to make this world a cleaner and healthier for not only you but for the next generations as well.

It breaks my heart to see plastic bags everywhere. I used to be guilty of getting them in a stores while doing a sudden grocery shopping. After I saw how bad they are for the environment and that I was partly guilty for that I decided to just stop using them. At first I must admit it was a little bit tricky as I would forget to use a tote bag but eventually I just got used to it. I'm glad to see that tote bags are even used as a fashion piece and that a lot of young people use them as a replace for plastic bags. 

I think that using a tote bag should really not be a problem for any of us. If you are not that keen on tote bags the great replace for plastic bags are also the paper bags. In my opinion tote bags are better as you can use them for way longer but paper bags are great as they can be easily recycled. I must say that I've seen a lot of people refusing plastic bags in stores and that makes me very happy. I hope that this will become a trend and that the unnecessary plastic bags will be just a part of history. 

If you like to always have some drink with you then buying a plastic bottle seems like and only choice. Reusing plastic bottle is not good for you as it releases bad chemicals in the drink. There are so many different reusable bottles you can find. They are great as you can easily take them in your bag and your are ready to go whenever you need without the worry that you'll be thirsty. I bought a terms bottle in which I can put hot or cold beverages. I love that I can bring tea with me , especially in the colder months. 

It's smaller so I can fit it in my bag and I don't need to worry that it will leak anywhere. I see so many plastic bottles everywhere and although some of them are recycled I'm afraid that a lot of them aren't. Buying a reusable bottle is actually a great investment. If you would count the amount of bottled drinks you bought you would see how ridiculous amount of money you spent on something that you then after using just throe away. 

This is probably the hardest thing as it seems like literally everything is packed in plastic. Whenever you look there is plastic. I think that just taking little steps as acknowledging that there is too much plastic used and that there are other options you can choose is already a big improvement. You don't need to completely avoid products packed in plastic but you can definitely make better choices. For example you can buy a vegetable on a farmers market and not the one in a super market that is plasticized. 

I know that for some it may look like a simple thing but some people just need a more time for change of mindset. When you've been using plastic for your whole life and now someone says to you that it's bad, of course that you'll be a little bit confused and thrown back. The next time you go grocery shopping try to see how many products are packed in plastic and can you find an alternative. If you can't than that's okay but be sure that you recycle.

Do you find it hard to avoid plastic? 
How do you try to cut plastic from your everyday life? 

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