It’s Okay If You’re Not Homesick

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Taking that next big step in life and moving away from your parents can be scary and overwhelming. When the feeling of insecurity and unknown starts to appear with them comes the homesickness. Well, sometimes we can even feel strange if we don’t feel homesick. We all need certain time to adapt to new situations. Sometimes we can feel guilty if we get used to new situation fast and we tend to not feel that homesick anymore. It’s a feeling that can make us feel uncertain. Here are some of the reasons that you’re not feeling homesick anymore and it’s completely okay. 

Once you feel like the new town or place you moved to starts to feel like a home you’ll slowly stop being homesick. This is great as it is very important because that probably means that you are now familiar with the new surrounding and that you don’t seek for the comfort of your family home. It’s such a relief that we as a human beings have that ability to adapt to any given situation. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to grow as a species but also as a individuals. 

Moving away from your parents is normal thing and you not feeling homesick that much is something positive. You should be proud of yourself as you found a way to deal with unknown and made a one step into adult life. We all have a different pace at adapting to new situations, places and people around us. Some need more and some need less time but until it’s working for you then there’s nothing you should worry about. 

You probably don’t live with your parents anymore because of the personal or work related things. Those things are probably making your day filled with different activities and obligations. When you’re all busy and thinking about all the stuff you need to do it is normal that you just don’t have time to feel homesick. You’re in your own world and you’re trying to organize it the best that you can. Don’t feel guilty if you forgot to text your mom back; talk with your dad or siblings.

That’s just the way life goes. But be sure to contact them when you have free time to do so. Don’t be hard on yourself as you are building your life and sometimes it’s okay if you focus only on that. Sometimes homesickness can be a motivator to work harder. For example I used to stay for a month in the city, away from my family so that I can stud and pass all of my exams. Although sometimes I felt homesick I knew that if I study hard I’ll be able to get home and spend more time with my family. 

When you move out and the homesickness slowly starts to fade it’s probably the sign that your new life is starting to get some shape. First few months of moving away are always the hardest as everything feels new and strange. Once you get used to your new life you’ll be able to find all the good things about it. Homesickness kicks in the most when we are feeling sad and stressed. We feel like going back home and staying there. 

It’s completely natural for those kind of feelings to appear but if you work hard and focus on the reason why you’re where you are then it’ll get much easier. Taking advantage of your new life and trying to make it the best that you can is the way to go. When you feel happy with your life you won’t feel as homesick as you did in the beginning. Sometimes if we’re too happy we can feel as we shouldn’t be because we’re away from our family for the first time. 

Have you ever felt homesick? 
How do you deal with homesickness? 

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