Signs you’re Independent, Give Yourself Some Credit!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Do you think you're independent? I'm sure that most of you just like me never even thought about that. Independence is something that comes in different stages and situations in life and most of the time we don't think about it. It's easy to bring yourself down when you do something wrong but we never give ourselves credit for thing that we do right as small or big as they can be. 

Adult life is full of obligations and tasks you need to get done to function on a daily bases. Some of them are easier and some require you to deal with complicated issues. I’m sure that most of the time you wish someone else took care of that thin that is nerve-wracking and confusing. Filling out legal papers, going to bank, applying to job offers, going to important meetings, etc. all requires you to be independent. 

You know that most of the time nobody else can do those things for you. The second that you find those things as something you just need to take care of is the moment you start to act as independent person. You start to rely on yourself and your abilities to take care of things as you know that that’s what you need to do. 

Admit it or not we nowadays have it much easier than our ancestors. They learnt different things on the go and needed to figure it out. Modern world introduced us to the Google and the power it holds or better said the knowledge it has. How many times did you catch yourself goggling the most banal things that you know you could figure out on your own but decided to take the easier way and relay on Google. 

We tend to seek the help of Google for the most trivial things there. So when you get into that stage when you just decide to figure it out yourself and wing it is when you choose to relay on your own knowledge. I don’t want to say that using Google is bad, by no means. I just want to point that you can give yourself some credit if you are “brave” enough to try it yourself. 

We as a humans are social beings. We need that me-you interaction with people around us. Making relationships is absolutely amazing, necessary and important. The relationship that we often forget to take care of is the one with ourselves. Some people have a hard time being in a crowd and some have a hard time being alone. Feeling lonely when you’re alone may indicate that you just don’t feel comfortable with yourself and find it better when you’re surrounded by people as you don’t need to deal with your thoughts. 

I believe that once you get to know yourself better and seeing what an amazing person you are you stop seeking for other peoples company just because you feel lonely alone. Once again hanging out with people is great but when it’s an escape from yourself then there is a problem. It’s completely normal to feel lonely once in a while but those moments shouldn’t become a norm.

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