3 Ways to Be Social When You Don’t Feel Like It

Thursday, February 14, 2019

We all have those days when we just don’t feel like hanging out with big group of people at noisy places. For some those kind of places may be clubs and for some family reunions. All we want is to just be quite and pray that nobody will come to talk with us. On other times we don’t want to be social but don’t want to be alone as well. Well, I've had quite a few of those kind of moments. I'm going to share with you few ways that might help you to be at least just a little bit more sociable. 

When you’re at the party and see someone acting shy and not so sociable then they are probably feeling similarly to you. They would probably rather be at home and away from people but they are here and need to survive until they can head home in their comfy bedroom. Well guess what, maybe they will be the perfect one for you to talk to. 

Sometimes when you don’t feel sociable others that are more on a extroverted side can sense that and try to bring you to talk and hang out with others more. People like them have much more energy than you do so it can be quite annoying and tiring. They just don’t understand that you don’t feel like dancing around and be the party maker. When you find someone with similar energy as you, you’ll be more comfortable and able to be social. But the key point is finding the right person. 

If most of your friends want to go clubbing and you and few of your other friends don't then just don't need to. They can, at least for that night, go clubbing and you can for example go bowling or have a nice dinner out in a nice little pub or restaurant. In big groups of friends, or even small ones with different personalities, it can be hard to please everyone. We all have things that we like to do and that’s fine. 

There are definitely times where making a compromise is necessary for the sake of the whole group. But sometimes it’s totally okay to just do other sociable things instead. Never feel pressured to do the things that you don’t want to do. Better yet, surround yourself with people that will respect your opinion and wishes. Each group have a few individuals who like to act dominant which isn’t always a bad thing, but you also need to know that not everything they want and say you should do or listen to.   

It is so easy to feel like you need to be a life of the party, especially if you usually are the one who makes the atmosphere and like to be sociable with everyone. The thing that others tend to forget is that just because you usually are cheerful and bright it doesn’t mean that on some days you just don’t feel like it. Sometimes it’s hard to distance yourself from feeling like you need to always be joyful or that something is wrong with you if you feel just a little bit down. 

The simplest way to deal with this is to just say to your friends that today is just not your day. If they are your real friends they will understand and you are still going to be able to have a good time without feeling pressured. I think that this is the best option as otherwise others can assume that you’re mad which is, if you ask me, some of the most annoying things.

Do you ever feel pressured to act sociable? 
Do you have any tips? 

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