November Resolution!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy November! I truly hope that this month is going to be much better than the last one. I'm so ready for a burst of motivation and positive energy as I was lacking that in October. Start of every month brings a lot of questions with it but I decided to focus on answers and finding my own pace. Hopefully we're going to find it together. 


Last month was quite overwhelming for me. After feeling super motivated for the whole Summer something changed and I felt like all my energy was squeezed out of me. You may have noticed that I haven’t been active in most of my social medias and especially here on my blog. I’ve been trying to get my mind together and decided what I want to do. So for November resolution I decided to take it step by step. I think that while working hard on my blog for the whole Summer I drained myself and with the whole passion it kind of burnet me. 

This month I want to take it easy and really try to get on the right path. I’m definitely blogging again but I want to make it on my own turns and with my own visions. I want to be true to myself and still write about the things that are important to me and focus on growing as a person. I think that the beginning of the month is a perfect time for a fresh start. Although I know that it’ll be quite hard I’m ready for it.

What's your November resolution? 

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