Into The Forest We Go To Find Ourselves

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul”

There isn’t any other place that makes me feel the happiest and free then forest and nature in general. Even since I was just a little girl forest always attracted me. I would stay outside as long as I could. Something about it makes me feel so calm and peaceful and I always go back no matter what. 

(n.) a haunter of the woods; one who loves 
the forest and its beauty and solitude

It’s like going to therapy. Thoughts that you never let yourself to think and worries that you tried to forget they all come out. But the best part is that somehow the solution comes with them. The peacefulness of the forest helps you to resolve things that you never thought you would be able to. It’s like talking to your best friend who really understands you and accepts you. I like to call it a safe place as nobody can tell your secrets but you feel so much lighter. In the business of everyday life we can lose our anchor and what is important. 

Sometimes things just build up until it’s too much. That’s when going on a long walks by yourself is the best decision you can make for yourself. You get the whole picture and you know what you need to do.

Even if there is nothing bothering you and you just want a clear air forest gives a different way of breathing. You can actually feel your lungs getting full of fresh air and it makes you want to stay just a little bit longer. If you feel very emotional, in the forest those emotions will come out as it has the power to really shift your thoughts on things that will either make you smile or cry. Things that are important to you. And after that you’ll feel even better and more alive. 

If you really get quite and start to observe everything around you you’ll notice things you never did before. While you get to know the forest you also get to know yourself and how you breathe. For me it’s the best way of meditation. 

While the birds are chirping and leaves are making a rustling noise you’ll get lost into it and all of your problems will feel so much smaller. You’ll go back to yourself and realize what’s important. You’ll feel like a big stone fell of your chest. You’ll feel energized to go back into the world and work even harder until the next time you need to go back into the forest because it’ll wait for you. 

As many times as I went into the forest I always went back as the feeling that it gives is something you can hardly explain. When you truly embrace what it can offer you you’ll understand what I’m talking about but I hope that you already do.

Do you like to go int the forest? 
In which ways it helps you? 

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