Reasons Why Living in the City Is Great

Monday, November 6, 2017

Although living in the city for the first time may seem scary and overwhelming it actually brings a lot of benefits. As I moved from the little countryside to the big city I definitely know it from the personal experience. The first step for actually enjoying your time at the city is to overcome the fear of it. It’s something that for some of you might be difficult but as you’ll get more confident you’ll realize how amazing it is. 

If you always wanted to take part in some kind of activities but you couldn’t do it because of the transport or you just couldn’t find them near you I totally understand. Moving to the city really showed me how many fun and interesting things I never heard about but I want to try. For example I never thought that I would go on a boxing classes but I did it at the beginning of the year and it was such an incredible experience. It’s something that I would never have the opportunity to try out if I haven’t lived in the city. There is definitely something for everything and the choices are so huge. There are courses for absolutely everything you can think about. Dancing, cooking, jewelry making, yoga, painting…. I’m actually planning on starting a Yoga class and I’m very excited about it as I wanted to do it for so long. 

Although traffic can sometimes get a little bit crazy there are a lot of options for you to commute. Taking tram and busses is in my opinion the best option but it’s great that to some places you can easily walk if you know the little shortcuts between the streets. I know that walking doesn’t apply to some really big cities as London or New York but I think that it’s always nice to actually go by foot as you can see so much more of the city you live in. Although I never tried Uber I heard a lot of amazing things about it and a lot of my friends are using it. Especially after a night out when the transport lines aren’t as regular. I have 15 minutes with tram to main square which is great as it’s the center of the city and I can easily go to anywhere else from there. 

One of the best things that big cities bring is the diversity and mixture of different people from all around the country you live in but also from all around the world. When I first moved to city I realized how many different people are there as it’s not something I could’ve seen where I’m coming from. This brings you the opportunity to not only meet new people and make amazing friends but also to learn about new culture, language and expand your horizon’s. I talked with people from Japan and Mexico and it was very interesting. Erasmus is a great way for you to go and study abroad. If you are currently at university and you are interested in going to study in different country you can explore a little bit and maybe take that step. 

Do you live in the city?
Do you like it? 

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