Why It's Okay To Feel Uninspired Once In A While?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Although it was on 6th of October that I published my last post before I got into this weird stage it definitely feels like it was years ago. I honestly don’t know what happened. I was so inspired and motivated to improve my blog and I really dedicated my time to my blog the whole Summer. 

It’s not even a writers block as I have so many blog post ideas and I already took a lot of blog photos. I just can’t make myself to actually write. I’m sure that some of you’ve been in this kind of situation at least once in your life and it doesn’t need to be connected to blogging. 

In one moment you had so much energy and amazing ideas you wanted to work on and another you completely changed the way you see things. I think that it’s completely natural and change, although it might seem scary, doesn’t necessary need to mean a bad thing. It’s a part of growing up. The important thing is to realize it on time and work on and with it. It’s okay that you feel all over the place as you’re trying to figure out where are you standing right now. I would describe it as being in a labyrinth with lots of different paths from which you need to choose the right one. Maybe you realized that you want to focus on other things and maybe you still don’t know what does things are. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get to that point. As I already said it just takes time. 

That’s not an easy task but it’s necessary if you want to feel inspired again. Just take it easy and try to really reflect on your past and what you want to do next. 

Getting overwhelmed is so easy. Some waves of it can be bearable but some can hit you hard. When you feel really down and uninspired you need to do anything you can to make yourself as happy. It can be hard as you probably don’t feel like doing anything. I know that I felt really down and not just about my blog but with life in general. It can be really nerve racking as day before you might have been really happy and excited and then the drastic change in the mood happens. To be completely honest I still don’t feel like my old self. I mean I don’t feel very cheerful and it kind of feels like I have a stone on my chest which is definitely getting smaller but it’s still there. 

I’m saying this because I think that it’s very important to acknowledge these kind of things until they get bigger and eventually something that might overtook your life. Just take some time for yourself. Clearing you mind is really necessary in these kind of situations.

Have you been feeling uninspired recently?
How do you deal with it?

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