The Subtle Art Of Saying What You Mean

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Honestly is one of the biggest virtues. We should all be able to say what’s on our minds without being judged. Words are very powerful and we need to use them wisely. In this social media era where you can share your opinion without any consequences we forget to be kind and that words can hurt. 

Although you should always tell the truth and what’s on your mind sometimes the time just isn’t right. Some situations just aren’t perfect for saying what’s on top your mind. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t say it immediately you shouldn’t say it at all. It’s important to think before you speak. Try to put yourself in that persons position and if you think that they did something wrong tell them. But remember that they have feelings as well. It goes the same if you’ve did something wrong, try to find the moment to say it as it’ll eventually come up. It’s better for you to say it then others. 

There are hundreds of different situations in which you’ll immediately need to decide to speak up. It’s important to be objective as then you’ll be able to handle the situation in best possible way. 

We tend to sugar coat the things we did wrong. It’s just in our nature. The problem is when we do it too much. If you’re trying to be honest and then tell hundreds of white lies it’s not actually very nice. It can came across as if you don’t think you did anything wrong. Sometimes you just need to say it as it is. There is no need for excuses. If you think that somebody mistreated you or others just say it in the face. I know that this may be difficult for those who have trouble with confronting but this is just something you need to do. Especially if it’s something important. 

Try to do it in everyday life with little things. If somebody asks you “How are you?” then say it trustfully. Don’t just say “Well” if that’s not the truth. When your friend asks you “Do you like my shoes?” and you actually don’t then say it. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

Saying what you mean is virtue but knowing how to say it is even more admirable. You should always be able to say what you mean but that doesn’t mean that you can attack anybody if they don’t agree with you. This is very common on the internet as people tend to forget that on the other side is a human being with emotions as well. You should always be respectful of others and their opinions. Nodding to everything somebody says even if you disagree is just silly. You have your own opinion and you should say it. But you need to realize when you’re wrong and accept that as it’s the part of growing as a person. We all make mistakes but we need to address them. 

There are so many ways you can say something. Try to choose the one that won’t hurt anybody as the words are the biggest weapon. Use them kindly but honestly. Constructive criticism are one of the best ways to say what you mean about somebody or something. 

Are you good at saying what you mean? 

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