Find Your Way In The Big City

Monday, September 18, 2017

Finding your way in the big city can be quite stressful, trust me as a countryside girl I know that from personal experience. Everything about city is so rushed and hectic. Everybody is in their own worlds trying to go at their destination as fast as they can. But living there doesn’t need to be so bad if you take advantage of what it can offer you. 

One of my biggest fears was that I’m going to be late for university or appointment that I have. Especially if I had to go some place I’ve never been to before. Google maps are life savior. You can easily find the place you need to go to and also know how much time do you need. Also have in mind that there is a lot of traffic in the city especially in the morning when people are going to the work and in afternoon when they’re going home. If you need to go by bus or tram try to catch the earlier one so that in case something goes wrong you can still be on time. 

Screenshot the address and the map so that you can still see it even if you don’t maybe have Wi-Fi connection. In the case that your phone battery dies take a little notebook and write the important things in there. 

Although living in the big city can be pretty scary and overwhelming try not to shut down any fun opportunities. In my first year of living in the city I wasn’t going anywhere by myself. I would just go to university, my dorm room and train station. Little by little I started to explore the city little bit more. Sometimes I would do it with my friends and sometimes by myself. If somebody asks you to go out with them or on some event don’t be afraid. Try to ask that person to meet you so you can go out together. But never feel pressured to say yes, if you don’t won’t to go. 

Exploring can be so much fun so don’t let the fear control you. If you really want to do something then do it. Just go to that little café near you or join the course you always wanted to. 

As I already said, moving into big city can be quite overwhelming. If you moved because of the university, work or some other reason I’m sure that your life got quite busy. It’s easy to end up running all over the place and trying to manage everything. Finding time to properly relax and just breathe is so important. I know that you want to do well and be on top of everything but your body and mind won’t be able to do that for a long time. You need to realize when it’s time to just stop for a minute and take care of yourself. 

Go on a little walk in a nearby park or grab a cup of coffee in your favorite café. Spend some time with your old friends and catch up on life. Then you’ll be able to conquer the city all over again and even better.

Have you moved to the big city? 
Do you like it? 

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