Make Your Commute Enjoyable

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Commuting for a few hours to work or university can be quite boring if you ask me. Although I commute only on the weekends I know how uncomfortable it can be to sit in the same place for few hours don’t knowing what to do with yourself. Having something to do and when it’s actually beneficial for you is just great. 

If you are more of an audio then visual person then podcasts are great options for you. There are some amazing ones on all sorts of topics. You can easily find what you’re interested in. I find it to be a great way to learn new things without actually feeling like learning. Hearing experiences and helpful tips from other people can help you do better at work, university or life in general. You can easily download them on your phone or laptop and choose which episode you’d like to listen every time you’re commuting. Some of them are more than hour long so you can also choose ones that you can finish exactly when you get at your destination. 

Having a book in your bag is always a good idea. You never know if your phone will die or if you just want something to read. Books are great as you can easily get lost in them and actually spend your time in best possible way. If you maybe can’t read in the train or if you’re driving to work/university then you can listen to audio books. I personally never listen to audio books as I prefer to actually hold book in my hands. There are a lot of audio books out there and I think that it’s great if you really like books but don’t have time to actually read them. 

If you commute early in the morning you can use that time to plan out your day. Write your to do list and all the things you want to accomplish in your notebook or mobile phone. Get through your emails and reply to the important ones immediately. This way you’ll have more free time when you get home. You can plan your meals and what you want to wear for the next day. If you are a blogger then you could schedule Tweets and Instagram so that you’re active even when you’re working. I definitely think that this will get you excited for the day and that you’ll be in a better mood. You’ll feel much more organized and put together. While you’re commuting back you can tick off all the things that you accomplished which will help you to be more productive in the future. 

How do you make your commute more enjoyable? 
How long do you commute? 

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