Never Have I Ever...

Friday, January 20, 2017

I've been seeing people doing Never Have I Ever challenge over YouTube for quite some time. I find it so fun to watch it as you can learn a lot about people. Today I thought why wouldn't I do a blog post version of it. Clever, right? So keep reading for interesting things that I have never done. 

Never have I ever....      
                          Smoked a cigarette. 
                          Got drunk.
                          Had a surgery.
                          Had a boyfriend.
                          Slapped anybody on the face.
                          Watch the whole Titanic.
                          Wrote a sponsored blog post.
                          Stole from store or anybody else.
                          Read the whole Harry Potter book series.
                          Watch the horor movie. 
                          Been skiing or snowboarding. 
                          Dyed my hair or have manicure. 
                          Traveled outside Europe. 
                          Been bowling. 

I hope you enjoy this little post. I really enjoyed writing it. Would definitely like to know about some things that you have never done in your life.