My 5 Favorite Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Monday, May 25, 2015

I like my hair at the moment. It's not too long because I cut it of few months ago but it's not too short so I can do cute hairstyles. I'm not one of those people that cry when they cut their hair. Like I like my hair long but short too. When I cut it I know that it's going to grow so I'm not sad about it. I know that one of my friends are doing fuss about hair. I already mention it but I'm going to a wedding next month and I need too keep my hair long for my hairstyle. But I think that after the wedding I'm going to cut it short again. My hair is black and it's not great combination for hot summer days. 

All of these hairstyle I've been loving at the moment. I don't like when my hair is on my face so these ones are perfect for that. They are so easy and I can do them in the morning in 5 minutes. The good thing is that I could do them even if I cut my hair. One of my favorite are these "pull back" hairstyles. They are so simple to do and looks so pretty. You can spice it up with bows, hair clips or cute hair elastic. For the buns at the moment I'm more into low 
and messy ones.  The thing is that I found high buns hard to do. 

My hair is naturally wavy but I always wanted to have a curly hair. So almost every night before I go to sleep I do a french braid or a fish tail. That is the only way that I do my curls. I have never used curling iron and I really don't want to. I don't want to take heat on my hear  and damage it if I don't need to. I like to do french braid and fish tail on a days that I don't want to put my hair in a pony tail but I want to get it out of my face completely. You can never go wrong with beautiful braids. 

What kind of hairstyles do you like to wear in Spring/Summer days?