Essence Quattro Eyeshadow

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When it comes to eyes and eye makeup I don't actually do anything special. I'm not a fan of smoky eyes or bright eyeshadows. As for rest of my makeup I like to keep my eyes natural and simple. I didn't use eyeshadow until recently. Before I would just put a little bit of mascara and eye pencil and that would be it. I wanted to start using more eye products and devote a little more attention to my eyes. I knew that perfect choice for me would be this Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in shade 17 creme de la creme. It contains four beautiful natural cream eyeshadows. The shades are white, champagne, pink and gold. I really like this shades because they are so pretty but subtle. They give a beautiful day look. 

I think that this would be a great choice for beginners in eyeshadows like myself. I use first two shades (white and champagne)  the most. They are base of my everyday makeup. I apply white shadow all over my lid and then put champagne in the crease. Only problem with this eyeshadow is that it's not very pigmented. You need to put a few layers for it too be seen. So you can't actually get a nice night smoky look. But for the first eyeshadow and the price I think that it's quit good. I didn't expect for it too be as good as other high street eyeshadows. I'm going to a wedding next month and I think that I'm going to base my makeup around this eyeshadow. 

Which eyeshadow do you like to use?