Essence I ♥ TRENDS Nail Polish

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I really love nail polishes. Although I don't have my nails painted all the time. I like to to that on a day's when I want to feel amazing. I really love the feeling after I painted my nails. Don't know is it just me or what but I feel so much more confident and kind of special. My biggest problem with painting my nails is that I'm not very patient person. I cant stand chapped nails. Most of the time I start to do something just the moment that I painted my nails and of course I ruin them. 

I have always used Essence nail polishes. They are really good quality for their price. Few months ago they come up with new brand of nail polishes  called I ♥ TRENDS . They are two kinds The NUDES and The PASTELS. The colors of these nail polishes are absolutely gorgeous. I actually didn't know which one I'm going to chose. So I went for something cute and subtle. It's in shade 02 i nude it. 

It's very easy to apply because the brush is big. With just first coat you can get a nice look. But if you want it to be more apparent they you need to put a second layer. I really like how it looks on my nails. It's such a beautiful pink color. It's not to bright but you can see and feel that you have something on your nails. I like that it got's a little bit of shimmer so it looks nice on the sun. It also last a decent amount of time.  I think that everybody can find a shade for themselves. 

What is your favorite nail polish at the moment?