Things About Me

Monday, May 4, 2015

It has been a while since I wrote about myself. I know that you can read my about me page and know facts about me but I would like you to know me little bit better. This are not some very interesting facts but they are quit personal. So I thought that you would like to know a little bit more about the weirdo behind this blog. 

  • As a little girl I liked to climb trees. 
  • I get really nervous when it's too hot.  
  • When I'm under stress my hands become very cold. They can get ice cold. 
  • My favorite flower is sunflower. I really like that it turns it's head toward sun.
  • I read and learn out loud. 
  • I've never dyed my hair and I hope that I won't have to. I like the color of my hair. 
  • My favorite colors are green and yellow. 
  • My biggest wish is to have my own piano. 
  • I've known my best friend for 11 years.
  • I've never wear high heels and I don't like short dresses or skirts.
  • At first I can be really shy but when I got to know someone I can get really silly.
  • My eyes are brown but when I'm outside they become greenish. 
  • I have never watched horror movies.

Lets know each other. Tell me something about yourself.