Šibenik and National Park Krka

Monday, June 22, 2015

I went on a school trip to Šibenik and NP Krka few weeks ago. On that trip I actually realize how beautiful my country is. If you didn't know I am from Croatia. I actually almost didn't went on this trip because of school and exams. We traveled about 4 hours. Usually I'm not very good at long trips but this was pretty good because I had amazing company.  We talked and sang true the whole journey. 

First we visited National park Krka. I've actually been already there but when I was a little girl so I didn't remember anything. I was impressed how beautiful it is. I saw photos before but they don't do it's justice. If you want to go somewhere where you can relax and enjoy nature this is perfect place for you. Little bridges, waterfalls, trees, fishes, ducks and the sound of water made me so happy. I couldn't stop smiling. I just wanted to stay there forever. The best part was gorgeous big waterfall. Something like that you can't describe in words you just need to see it yourself. I know that I felt so small, humble and fragile. There is a lot of benches so you can sit, rest, drink something and just admire.  You can even swim in the river. 

After all that experience we went to Šibenik. A beautiful city on a coast of Adriatic Sea. Main sight in Šibenik is Cathedral of St. James. It's built completely in stone both in Gothic and Renaissance style. This was my first time visiting Šibenik. I found that this would be perfect city for when you just want to go away from your life. The narrow streets and passages that give a sense of freedom. Near Cathedral is beautiful beach. Some of my friends swam but I wasn't that brave. Although it was quite a long journey I'm so glad I went on it because it was just amazing. So if you ever got chance to visit Šibenik or National park Krka be sure to go because you won't be disappointed.

Were you on some kind of journey? Where and with who did you go?