Motivational Monday Quote #50

Monday, April 6, 2015

Living in the moment. Something that I really want to do more. I guess that I need to appreciate every single moment. I can't just pray for good ones and expect that everything is going to be great. Because after all life isn't made of just good moments. It's made of bad, sad, depressed and gloomy days. But after some time these days will pass by and then the good happy, cheerful and sunny days will come. Then you will appreciate them even more.

I think that while we're going to some bad stuff someone else is going thorough something even worse. That is something that we should have in our minds. If there were no bad days and moment we couldn't recognize the good ones. Bad days gives meaning to all the incredible moments. Be thankful because someone maybe didn't even get the chance to live true any moment.  So enjoy life and treasure beautiful moments but take the best that you can from ugly ones. 

I think that this may be a last Motivational Monday Quote post. We come to 50 of them. I would like to know your opinions. If you want me to continue writing them I will, but if not I got new series that I would like to write for you. 

So please let me know in the comments below.