{diy} Yarn-Wrapped Bottle Vase

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I always try to reuse and recycle old stuff. And you all already know how much I love to do DIY's. So this one is super cool and cute. It's a yarn bottle. You can put flowers in it, give it to your friends as gift or put drinks in it.  Of course I found the idea for this DIY on Pinterest. It looks really cool but it's a little bit tricky to do. So here is how you can made your own yarn bottle. Hope you like it. 

♥ You'll need glass bottle in whatever size and shape that you want, yarn in a lot of different colors, tacky glue, brush, scissors.
♥ So first you need to squeeze out some tacky glue on a plate, and apply the glue to the lowest inch or two of your bottle using your brush.
♥ Now begin carefully wrapping your first color of yarn around the bottle and working your way up in a single layer with no spacing between the strands. You need to keep strands really tight. And try not to glue your hands.
♥ Cut off the yarn and press the end in the glue when you want to switch to the next color.
♥ Paint on another section of glue, and begin with next color of yarn, make  sure that you begin wrapping where you left off.
♥ So now you need to repeat adding glue and wrapping yarn till the end of the bottle.
 Once the glue is completely dry, you can add whatever flowers you want. I found these beautiful white one. 

What do you think about this DIY?