{how to} Relax & De-Stress

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stress is something that each of us faces often. Maybe even on a daily bases. We are cluttered with information that we don't even need and with variety of disturbing situations. It may be school, work, health or things from your personal life.
It's important to step away.  It really isn't the nicest feeling in the world. I definitely felt it quite a lot these few weeks. When I'm under stress or in some kind of stressful situation I feel anxious, worried, nervous and tense. So I tried to find some effective stress relief steps. These are five of de-stressing things that helped me a lot. 

Manage your time ~ Time managing was something that I had problem with. Although I love to make To-Do lists.  Sometimes my schedule becomes too cluttered and I get lost. Especially when it comes time for tasks, tests and examination. I realized that when I do not plan my time I forget to do half of what I have. In the end I have to do everything at once and that is really stressing me out. So now I have my planner in which I write down all of my tasks for the day. 

Prepare for the day ~ I hate when I wake up and don't know what I'm going to wear or where the half of my things are. So that I don't feel completely lost in 6 am when I wake up for school I take 0 minutes at the evening and prepare cloths that I'm going to wear next day, meals, my school bag and all the staff that I'm going to need. In the morning I know that I have everything prepared and that I don't need to rush.

Enjoy nature and creativity ~ Since I was a little girl I always found nature as my best friend and place to escape. Watching sky, birds, flowers and having a walk with my dogs is something that helps me the most when I'm under stress. My immediate reaction is to go out for a walk. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes but sometimes a hour. Nature is best place to get away from all the problems that you have and to just relax and clear your mind. 

Breath deeply ~ This one you can connect with nature. When you feel stuffy and anxious you're breathing faster. Slow breaths reduce stress hormones in the body and lower heart rate and blood pressure. It's really important to take just 5 minutes to breathe deeply and slowly. Close you eyes and focus on breathing. 

Turn off ~ We live in the world full of social medias. You can fell like you need to always keep up with everything that is happening in the world. Twitter, Instagram , Facebook are all of the all of these stuff. We are constantly affected and inundated with a lot of new information. It's good to separate and step back from all that. I put my phone on airplane mode in the morning and hour before I go to sleep. You don't need to immediately disconnect for a hour it can be for just 10 minutes. That's how you'll fine time for yourself. 

Do you have any tips for relaxing and letting go?