{diy} Spring Tassel Garland

Friday, April 3, 2015

You all know how much I love to make DIY's and especially garlands and banners. They look so cute and they are so easy to made. I made one before and it was Autumn Banner. But today I'm going to show you how to do this pretty tassel garland. It looks so nice and gives a nice pop of color in my bedroom. It is perfect for spring and for any season. You can choose any color you want and personalize it.

 First you need make tassels by wrapping yarn around your fingers. I wrapped it about 20-30 times but you can do it less or more. It depends on how thick you want tassels to be. 

 Then sleep the loop of your fingers and wrap yarn about  1 cm away from the top.  You can tie it between the forefinger and middle finger. 

 Cut off the yarn and tie a knot.

 Cut all the loops at the bottom to create the tassel strands. 

 Thread  it onto the string or cotton in what ever order you want. You can use tweezers so that you can pull string easier.

What do you think about this diy?