ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule Review

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule Review

I've been testing out new skincare products and sharing my thoughts online for a few years now. There is nothing better than finding products that your skin loves. That's why I'm sharing this ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule review with you today. I know how frustrating it can be to find skincare products that actually work for your skin and not only claim that they do wonders. First of all, I have sensitive combination skin prone to cystic acne. I've been testing this product for a few months now and here are my honest thoughts.

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ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule

This ampoule, as it says in the name, is meant to soothe your skin. I can actually confirm that it does that pretty well. Alongside that, it also gives it a nice hydration and helps repair the skin barrier. All of that is due to the amazing ingredients this ampoule is infused with.

First and the most important ingredient is Centella Asiatica Extract. If you know me then you know how much I adore this ingredient. It is a life savior for sensitive skin. Centella is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Another great ingredient is Ceramide. As well as the Centella, Ceramide can help strengthen the skin barrier. This is very important as the healthier and stronger your skin barrier is, the fewer skin problems you will face. Ceramides are also great for those whose skin is more on the dry side as they can help retain moisture.

Some other great ingredients this ampoule is made from are plant-based squalane known for providing lightweight hydration and improving suppleness. As well as peptides are beneficial when it comes to making sure our skin is not aging faster than it should.

ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule Review

How to Use It? 

If you've been paying attention to different skincare product textures, you might've noticed that most ampoules have a thicker consistency than serums. I personally prefer to use serums as a part of my morning skincare routine, and ampoule I like to use them a few times a week in my nighttime skincare routine.

This ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule is white and thick because it is more concentrated. It has a slight scent to it but it isn't irritating which is always a plus. When you apply it on the skin you will see how quickly it absorbs into the skin. It might feel heavier on the skin than a serum but the benefits are much more intense.

One pump is enough to cover all of my face. I apply it as a part of my bedtime skincare routine after I double-c cleansed my skin and applied toner. So basically I apply it when I would apply serum in a morning skincare routine. 

My Experience

I love this ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule as it doens't irritate my skin or cause any redness. I noticed that my skin barrier looks much more healthy since I started incortporating this ampoule into my skincare routine. The dry parts of my skin are not as flaky as they used to be. As it has all of the ingredients that my skin loves, I didn't notice any breakouts or negative side effects.

Overall this is one of the best soothing ampoules I ever tried. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with redness and sensitive skin. I would definitely repurchase this ampoule in the future as well.

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ByWishtrend - Cera-barrier Soothing Ampoule Review

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